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May 3, 2007 01:50 PM

Inexpensive and tasty, New Braunfels

Hi Folks!

I've a tubing trip to New Braunfels this summer with a bunch of foodies including a couple planning their wedding, a few college students and a teacher or two.
We're staying at the River Run Condos and having a spaghetti sauce-off on saturday night, but are eating out on Friday night. We have tried Oma's, we're burnt out on Mamacita's, and we can't all afford Grist Mill.

Any suggestions for tasty inexpensive food? Barbecue would be great, but I'll really take anything close and reasonable.

Thanks for you help!

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  1. If my memory serves me, there is a Rudy's BBQ in New Braunfels; no frills here, but that keeps the price down a bit.

    1. Well,there is Pat's Place near Schlitterbahn that's not too expensive.There is also The Guadalupe Meat Company,I think that's the name in Gruene,TXright on the river.There is Granzine's or granzin's in New Braunfels,they sell BBQ.It's near the Comal County Courthouse,but not sure of the street name.I don't really drive around New Braunfels by street names,more by land marks.Granzine's does have a website.There is also McBee's BBQ near the Albertson's.There is a Lone Star or Longhorn cafe over near the New Braunfels Smoke house,on the same side.
      There is also Clear Springs Restaurant in Clear Springs,TX just down TXHWY46 as you go south to Seguin.They have a website and also ribs and burgers,etc,not just fish.I had a burger there once and it was pretty good.