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May 3, 2007 01:45 PM

Minca Ramen?

I have a reading in the East Village tonight, and I will have some spare time to get a meal before. I heard good things about Minca Ramen. Is it good? What should I order?

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  1. I love the daikon salad as a starter - it works as a foil to the velvety richness of their noodle soups. The gyoza is decent too. I tend to go for the namesake Minca ramen.. When particularly ravenous or when its cold out, i like the comfort of the toroniku ramen, with the extremely fatty and generously sized smoked (?) pork pieces. Beware. . . it's not diet food.

    1. Charshu Ramen and a side of gyoza :) If the types of broth has you confused, I say go with the Basic, it's thick and, depending on your mood, might be too rich, but I've always been underwhelmed whenever I opt for the Wahoo.

      1. If you like very rich & thick broth, then I would recommend you minca ramen or basic ramen. But if you preffer the light broth, wafu ramen would be good.
        Also, try their homemade gyoza(dumpling)too !

        1. I haven't been myself, but the great photos on Gothamist today certainly make me want to make a trip as soon as possible ...

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            I went yesterday, ordered Minca Ramen. It was very good. The meat was very tender, the noodles yummy (if a little salty), half an egg was actually a very nice touch when mixed with other flavors. I liked it overall.