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Best food for the price with funky/cool atmosphere in Montreal?

Would be grateful for your suggestions!!

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  1. If by "funky/cool" you mean "trendy/hip" I'd recommend meat market. It's not too spendy, the burgers are delicious, and there are lots of pretty people there who own expensive sunglasses.

    If by "funk/cool" you mean "hippie/vegan/boho/tinsel-toes" I'd suggest Spirit Lounge. People either love it or despise it, but I think everyone should just try it at least once. Especially since Patrice (one of the owners) is such a nice guy. The food can be alright.

    I'll try to think of more.

    1. Tampopo in the Plateau might fit those requirements. Can you describe what you consider funky/cool ?

      1. What about "Le Garde Manger" ?

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          Garde Manger is NOT good value for money. I had thoroughly disappointing food there (including the worst lamb chops I have ever had anywhere), with service to match. My review is somewhere on this site. Great atmosphere, though.

        2. I think BU on st laurent would fit the bill-cool but no attitude and great food

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            I love BU but it hardly qualifies as inexpensive, which may be what the original poster is looking for ("money is a bit tight" she says in another post). Until she provides details about what "funky/cool" and "best food for the price" mean (it could be argued that Joe Beef meets both criteria), the query is all but unanswerable.

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              The poster did mention inexpensive and Joe Beef is certainly not what would qualify with their minimum $12 entrees and $30+++ mains.

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                "The poster did mention inexpensive"


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                  let's go to the extreme.

                  "Les Vivres"

                  I'm half joking !! it's cool and funky in its own way, I love the place.

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                    I wouldn't say Aux Vivres as the best food for the price. I find everything there to a bit on the pricey side (for what your getting, at least). Also, the service can be a bit trying at times.

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                      How about Anubis? (Corner St-Dominique et Mont-Royal). Haven't been there for a while so I don't know how the food is currently.

                      It annoys me that Aux vivres doesn't serve wine or allow us to bring it - seems a bit moralising. A place of that price level is for me an "evening out" not a place I'd drop in for lunch.

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                        I'll be the person to say that he loathes Aux Vivres. The food it trash for what you pay and the service is beyond tolerable.

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                          I wouldn't call the food trash. The sandwiches and desserts are very good. Some other menu items can be downright awful, though.

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                      ("money is a bit tight" she says in another post) - just using the same assumptions you are...

              2. I really loved L'Assommoir on Bernard, corner St. Urbain! It might be on the pricey side, but they have great drinks (~$9, try the ginger martini) and tasty eats, perfect for sharing. They serve ample ceviches/tartares (we had the spicy salmon with mango) as well as caveman style meats on a hunk of butcher's block. They have daily specials... check it out! The plantain chips with chipotle salsa are addictive!

                1. If you want a real interesting. As in beyond funky, BYO, and serious quantities of decent food for near nothing, the answer is simple..... Les Delice D'isle Maurice on Hickson and the corner of Wellington. Show up closer to 9:00 for the real fun. There is no menu, and the chef/owner, Sylvestre, will come out of the open kitchen to rattle off the choices for the evening.

                  Let's put it this way, once you walk in the door and sit down, you are presented with a very unusual Cabbage onion Bajee, type thing that is best eaten with the Mint/Pepper vinegar.

                  Then you have the choice of appetizers, this is usually, Chicken, Smoked Salmon, Eggplant Fritters, or Sausage. The Smoked Salmon or Chicken are best bets. This is followed by soup, and then Sylvestre will come out for your main course.
                  The main course is a selection of fish, seafood or meats that based on what is available that day. Typically you might find, Shrimp, Scallops, Calamar, Cuttlefish, Perch, Salmon, or mixed seafood, and Beef, Lamb, Pork, Ox Tail, Tongue, Veal Liver, as the choices. Each of these can be served with your choice of Cajun style, Saffron sauce, Curry Sauce, Tomato Sauce, or Garlic Butter. There is also an excellent Civet de Caille (Quail Civet) that trumps all other items on the menu.
                  The décor has a lot to be desired, but the people make and the chef make the place interesting. Bring your own beverage, and be sure to go late.
                  I almost forgot. You will not pay more that $15 per person, for everything. This includes coffee, tea and the big bowl of Gum Drops on the table for Dessert…

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