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Kids want to buy Dad a gas grill. Is there anything good for $500. or less?

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I've been trying to find the Weber Genesis Silver B liquid propane grill but haven't had any luck. Actually, I found it at Amazin for 500. and ordered it only to learn the next day that the order was cancelled because the seller didn't actually have it anymore. After reading comments about the recent quality decline with Webers, I'm not sure what else to look at. I hate to spend a few hundred on a cheapie that will rust out or just not work well.

Is there anything decent out there for 500. or less? This is not something I had budgeted for but the kids want to give Dad a new grill for his birthday. There's no way they'll come close to having enough money for a good one so guess who's making up the difference?

Thank you for any advice.

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  1. The Weber Silver Genesis series was discontinued end of 2006. The line has been redesigned and the Silver Genesis B is roughly comparable with the E-310. It seems to be around $500 - $600 so if your kids find a good sale, you might get it for under $500. The E-310 and E-320 (replacement for the Silver Genesis C, with side burner) were the top-rated gas grills in Consumer Reports which was just delivered to my home yesterday.

    We got a Silver Genesis B over the winter, based on its excellent reputation for durability and performance. And because it was discontinued we got a great bargain. DH who does all the grilling at our house, is very impressed with the grill so far. Others on this board also recommended it highly.

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      I have a Weber Genesis SIlver and have used it regularly for several years. I am very happy with it and have no complaints.

    2. Among medium-size grills, Consumer Reports rated Vermont Castings (the $400 model) as best.

      They also liked the Char-Broil $270 model, and that's what I got. It's worked fine.

      They noted that among the impressive-looking stainess steel models, not all the steel was, in fact, stainless.

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        Your Consumer Reports issue is from last year. The June 2007 issue ranks Weber E-320 as the best of the midsized grills, followed by Vermont Castings Signature Series. Char-Broil Commercial Series (listed at $300) is ranked 5th.

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            #3 is the Blue Ember by Fiesta (Home Depot), $450 and a CR best buy. #4 is the Broilmaster P3 at $1000.

      2. I got my Weber Genesis 1000 grill for my 30th birthday (I am 41 now) and still swear by it for my everyday, just got home from work and want to grill something grill. I have replaced the cook tops and flavorizer bars just once. Original brass burners (cleaned often). Cost new was $500 and I have probably spent $100 in replacement parts over the years.

        As long as the new Webers are rebuildable like my Genesis, I would recommend the Weber. Good heat control for slow cooking and gets hot enough to sear steaks.

        I own 4 different types of grills / smokers (Weber Genesis, 2 original Weber 22 in kettles, Original 1960s Kamado Cooker and a Traeger grill) but find myself using the Genesis 8 out of 10 times that I cook something outdoors.

        1. I was at Costco recently they had a couple nice looking grills one was over 500 but there were a couple under i didn't really examine them but I had a friend recently purchase one and loves it.

          1. I bought a Charm-Glow from Home Depot. Stainless steel exterior, three burners, side pot burner, warming rack, enclosed tank storage below. Works great, has cast iron grates (important to me, I don't like the porcelain-coated ones), more than 3 years of hard use with no problems. Cost $300.

            1. I got a Weber B 3 years ago and love it-- and I grill ALL the time, even in the winter.

              1. Many thanks to you all for your help. I called Weber and several stores in our area trying to locate the Genesis Silver B with no luck. Then I reached a woman at an Ace Hardware who told me she'd find that grill come hell or high water. And she did! She called several stores and found one that had one left in the box in the store basement. They assembled it, and she went there to see it & check condition! She had it transferred to her store and is having it delivered to my home today. All the while she was checking in with me to let me know she was on the case. This has got to be the best customer service I can remember receiving anywhere. Total cost $431. How about that?

                Funny thing happened after I stopped in to her store to pay and meet her (and take her some much-deserved flowers!). As I was leaving I poked around in the plants for sale outside and struck up a conversation with a man looking at tomatoes. He told me about a planting product he was holding that he had been trying to locate all over town. Said he'd finally called this store, which is not near his home, and the woman told him she'd find it. She did, had it delivered to her store, held one back for him and called him to let him know. He dashed over and the rest had already been sold (in one day) but his was held so all was well. I asked her name and it was the same woman who found my grill. Absolutely top-notch service.

                We'll put it to work this weekend making Nigella's butterflied chicken with lemon and rosemary for our Mother's Day cookout. Can't wait!

                Thanks again, everyone. Really wouldn't have known what to look for without you.

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                  Glad to here it worked out!

                  You may know that all Ace Hardware Stores are owned by small business people/families. If that woman was the owner I'm sure she'd appreciate you spreading the word on here dedication to customer satisfaction. Is she is not, a note to the owner would be a nice gesture. You can get the contact info from the online "store locator"...

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                    Found out from the delivery guys that she is part of a business group that bought a few Ace stores in our area. I will gladly spread the word and have vowed to never again let the big box stores be my first stop! I really appreciated the service.

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                    WOW - nice work! I'm trying to buy a grill for my boyfriend for his b'day (which falls on father's day) and I would love to find him a great grill for under $500.... I'm gonna start calling ACE stores in my area!

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                      Well really , wasn't that something? Good luck searching out yours, I hope they can locate one for you. When the delivery guys were here one of them, a longtime store manager, told me he has the Genesis C and loves it and said he was very glad they'd found what I wanted. I mentioned that I'd read that the new Webers may not be up to snuff so I was really happy to get it and he said he believes the quality has definitely slipped recently. I really hope they find one of the older ones for you!