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May 3, 2007 01:18 PM

Ollie's Sichuan 42nd @ 9th--any good?

I know that most chowhounds aren't fans of the normal Ollies, but I have to admit that it wasn't bad in our book for convenient chinese fare after a show. I was sorta planning on it as a "go to"--the one on 44th--for our upcoming trip. I understand that it's now closed (anyone know why?), but that there's an offshoot of, perhaps, better quality nearby. Can anyone advise?


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  1. We've eaten at Ollie's Sichuan twice, trying different choices from the Sichuan sections of the menu. On the whole, the food is quite alright; it's not Wu Liang Ye or GSI, but the spicing was decent, and some of the dishes (cumin beef, dan dan noodles) were surprisingly good while nothing really disappointed (except pot stickers, which were overcooked on one occasion). It's also off the heavily beaten tourist track, so the ambience and noise level are far superior to the old Ollie's, and the service is better as well.

    They're on the north side of 42nd just west of 9th, and are certainly worth a try.

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      Thanks, Striver. We are seeing Curtains at 44th and 9th, so the walk shouldn't be too bad. After theater should be a short wait, wouldn't you think?

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        We've been there pre-theatre for lunch both times (on weekends) and didn't have any wait at all.