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May 3, 2007 01:12 PM

Wildwood and Cape May please!!!

My family and our friends will be going to wildwood for a week rental end of summer. Can anyone recommend good restaurants in that area? I know it maybe much to ask but I don't eat sea food so something with a good mix is preferred.


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  1. JP Prime - (Wildwood
    )Claudes - (Wildwood
    )Marie Nicoles - (Wildwood
    )Beach Creek - (Wildwood


    410 Bank Street - located on Bank St. (Cape May)
    Ebbit Room - @ The Virginia Hotel

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    1. re: BRI328

      Lobster House CM
      Uncle Bill's Pancake House, any location
      Merrion Inn CM
      Godmother's CM

      1. re: nyebaby37

        Godmothers? Really? I always got the impression it was a mediocre red gravy tourist place but I'm willing to give it a shot. What's good there?

    2. As far as restaurants in CM, I'd add The Washington Inn, The Black Duck, and The Union Park. For a down home southern style meal, check out the restaurant at the Chalfonte Hotel. All serve seafood but plenty of other selections as well. Avoid dining in the Lobster House. It's an overpriced tourist trap. They do have good takeout seafood platters and fresh seafood, but you said don't want that. I've also heard good things about Marie Nicoles in WW but haven't been yet.

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      1. re: Ellen

        Generally agree. We had a terrific dinner at Washington Inn a month or so ago, and have also enjoyed the Black Duck...and The Lobster House should be called "The Lobster Trap", although I agree on their takeout side (decent Key Lime pie, too) and drinks on the schooner can be very pleasant. For the earlier poster, definitely agree on 410 Bank Street - their blackened prime rib is one of my all time favorite meat dishes.

        Only disagreement is Chalfonte, which we found over-hyped and disappointing; nice old school ambience, though. I'd add Gecko for casual dining - it offers decent, and occasionally better than decent, southwestern food. The Blue Pig, at Congress Hall, is a nice spot for breakfast if you don't want the hustle of Uncle Bill's; dinner there was good, but nothing exceptional.

        1. re: Striver

          Ive only been to UBills for breakfast, not my type of dinner place. As for Lobster House, only their dockside; the restaurant indoors is nothing special. Godmothers comes under recommendation, have not been there. Blue Pig is definitely overrated. Really want to try Wash Inn, hear nothing but positive comments.

          1. re: nyebaby37

            I was (not clearly) referring to dinner at the Blue Pig, which was OK but no more than that. I don't think Uncle Bill's does anything BUT breakfast/lunch (I like their buckwheat pancakes with a side of scrapple). Dinner at Washington Inn was really outstanding: great food, exemplary service, and a wine list that's broad, deep and very reasonably priced.

            1. re: Striver

              thanks, those are some great recommendations. Were not going till august but I will report back where we went and how it was.

      2. The Ravioli House is famous and gets a lot of TV exposure. But I promise it is awful. It really was the best ravioli I ever tasted but absolutely everything else was awful. I've tried The Wharf twice and had two good meals. They are on the lower end of high priced and deliver meals worth the price.

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        1. re: whitestone

          I agree that the Ravioli House is terrible. We at there once...and only once. The experience still lingers in my mind, probably because my digestive system screamed for mercy for days afterward. Blech.

          1. re: MartiniQueen

            OK folks only 3 weeks to we go on vacation to wildwood. Seems to me that eating around there is slim pickins, does anyone else want to chime in here with some good places. I would like some kid friendly and some adult for date night.

            thanks again

            1. re: rog2867

              Date night -- Marie Nicole/Wildwood Crest, Claude's/North Wildwood, Pacific Grill/Wildwood
              Chow heaven -- Sharkey's Feeding Frenzy (check out Wildwood eats! thread).
              family - Sunday buffet at the Chalfonte Magnolia Room in Cape May

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