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May 3, 2007 01:10 PM

King of Prussia - Dinner

I need a nice restaurant in the King of Prussia area for a business dinner. Around $25 per person without wine is preferred. I am a California girl and used to the fresh and simple preparation of local ingredients. Something similar would be GREAT! Thank you!

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  1. I am not sure that place exists in King of Prussia. There is a restaurant in the Mall called California Cafe with those prices, but it is not a personal fave.

    I would suggest Cassis, first choice, or 333 Belrose in Radnor @ 5 minutes from KOP.

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      Sorry but even though I am but 10 minutes from King of Prussia, I could not, in good conscience, recommend anything there.
      If you wouldn't mind a ten minute drive to Devon/Paoli area where Nectar is, you will be a very happy camper with their Asian cuisine.
      An extra added plus is the smashng ambience.
      If you don't like Asian food, I would recommend a small but decent place with simple but nicely done food at Meredith's in Berwyn, also near Nectar.

    2. The King of Prussia mall isn't SO far from Princeton. Tons of good stuff there. I like Sunny Garden Chinese Restaurant. Right price range for you, too. But perhaps too much of a trek?

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        I don't know what kind of business dinner it would be if they had to drive 45 minutes. Princeton isn't far, but is for this purpose.

        As for the dinner, I would recommend Cassis- Pond may be too much. Legal Sea Foods might even be okay. California Cafe is awful. Bad service and mall food to boot. Perhaps even the new Suzanna Foo's. Tacquet is amazing but out of the price range. Short trip to Conshy yields Stella Blu and Gypsy Saloon- both amazing and tasty. I have done more laid back business dinners at Stella. Good luck.

      2. I live in King of Prussia. Some suggestions I would make are: Maggiano's, my personal favorite Italian restaurant, Legal Seafood which is a newly opened restaurant in the King of Prussia Court, Bertollini's in the mall. Bertollini's is owned by Morton's, but not nearly as expensive and the food is good. If you're looking for something a little more casual, Bahama Breeze is a great place, they do not take reservations but do "call ahead seating", call a half hour before you'll arrive and your name will be on the list when you get there and the wait won't be as long. Bahama Breeze is one of my favorite places. You can find something for everyone on their menu from burgers to steaks and fish.

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          I have never - but NEVER - had a good experience at Bahama Breeze with more than 4 people. I don't know what it is, but they just seem to be patently unable to handle a larger group.

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            Oh goodnes. I need to interject.

            I have eaten at some of these restaurants. They are fine if you are desperate around the mall and don't mind run of the mill, mediocre, name tag wearing server chain food. But if you are looking for "fresh and simple preparation of local ingredients" please check out some of the posts above (I have this vision of your business dinner at Maggiano's and it's terrifying!).

            I have not been to any of the restaurants listed above myself (Nectar, Meredith's, Cassis, Pond, Stella Blu or Gypsy Salon) , but have heard wonderful things about all of them.

            I do not reccomend the new Susanna Foo's. It needs work.

            1. re: saturninus

              Putting a price of $25 per person limits a lot of restaurants in the King of Prussia area. There is always Morton's or Ruth's Chris in King of Prussia. Perhaps even Flemings in Radnor right next door to Suzanna Foo's, but you won't find anything on their menus under $30. Dinner at any of these places per person will easily be $40. Another very good restaurant is the General Warren Inn in Malvern, but again it will be over the $25 per person.

              1. re: saturninus

                Saturnius and I are of one mind.
                If you are traveling to Conshohocken though, the best of breed as far as I am concerned is Blackfish.
                Conshy isn't more than 15 minutes from K of P.

              2. re: ladystitch

                eek. i don't know if i would personally send anyone to maggiano's for anything other than their lemon drop $$$ martini.

                i work in the area and host business dinners at some nearby places... before i go into those, let me just interject: bahama breeze is a drinks-before-a-frat-boy-movie place, not a business dinner place. bertolini's - no good IMHO.

                if you HAVE to stick with the void of KoP, your best bets for a business dinner are legal sea foods or ruth's chris. however you won't meet the $25 a head criteria. we spend $75 to $100 at each fairly easily. sullivan's smells like stale cigarette smoke. i have not done morton's recently.

                if your group can drive 10 minutes, you'll have a ton of choices. my favorite, for an adventurous dining group, is thai pepper on lancaster ave in wayne. my second go-to place for a more conservative crowd is ristorante primavera (also in wayne on lancaster ave, a block from thai pepper), where the service is uber-professional, and the food italian and good. both places will keep you vaguely within your budget as long as someone doesn't order the osso bucco at ristorante primavera.
                trattoria san nicola (locations in berwyn and paoli), nectar, basil are all runners-up.
                i'd avoid george's in wayne at all costs.
                margaret kuo's in wayne is next on my list to try for a business function, cannot give a proper review as of yet.

              3. Anyone have thoughts about Creed's in King of Prussia? About a year ago, my wife and I were driving on Gulph Road (I think it's called at that point) and a tremendous thunderstorm developed. So, we pulled into Creed's and had lunch at the bar (dining room was closed at that hour). My wife had a terrific cobb salad and I had a very good soup and dessert for late lunch. Not enough to recommend for a business dinner but it is definitely not one of those chain restaurants. And it might be closer to your price range. I have never seen so many chains recommended on a Chowhound board. (Don't get me wrong -- I do enjoy Legal Seafoods and, when I can afford it, Morton's and Ruth's Chris.) Also, I would go into Philadelphia rather than make the long haul to Princeton.