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May 3, 2007 01:05 PM

Premium Tequila

I just recently got in to the world of premium tequila, and WOW!!
Bad memories of Jose during the college days are of the past, some good tequila please!!
Any good recs on tequila bars and or tasting events in the LA area?

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  1. I'm a big Tequilla drinker, yes once you've learned the good stuff you realize crap like Cuervo, Salza to Hornitos are only meant for Margaritas. Vendome Liquor in Studio City has the best selection may I suggest these, ANEJO is my favorite grade:

    Don Julio, Patron, Corzo, El Camilio, and I can list more when I get home.

    To bad there aren't any valley tequilla bars.

    Good stuff,


    1. El Carmen, on Third near the Beverly Center, has a good selection of tequilas.

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        El Carmen has a very extensive selection of tequilas. Great place. Not trendy, it moreso gets lots of hipsters and a generally good crowd. They also have good tacos and other little bites to eat.

        The Spanish Kitchen on La Cienega has a very good selection as well and they also have a "tequila school" every Wednesday at 7pm - you have to make a reservation. Tequila tasting prices ranges from $17 to $45 total for 4 tastes.

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          I second El Carmen, l scorpion has a nice range of selections too.
          i usually like the silvers: frida kahlo is the flavor of the moment.

        2. El Carmen, Malo & L'Scorpion comes to mind.


          1. Check out this link from the "Spirits" board.

            I've never been, but Scorpion does have a huge menu of tequilas.

            Beware of some anejos; many of them taste like the bourbon barrels they've been aged in. I tend to enjoy the blancos more, either straight or in a margie. Some of my favs are tesoro, Herradura, Penca Azul, Siete Leguas, Porfidio and Cabo Wabo (yes, Sammy Hagar knows how to make quality tequila)

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              Ditto the suggestion to explore Blancos. Yes, there are some phenomenal Anejos out there, beautifully mellowed by the oak. However, nothing showcases the pure taste of Agave better than a fine Blanco Tequila. I'm a huge El Tesoro fan, and vinosnob has offered up some other great suggestions for fine Blancos.

            2. On the east side, Rudy Castrellon is quite a tequila connoisseur and has a nice selection. He has also been hosting occasional tastings. Rudy's is on the corner of Myrtle Ave. & Colorado Bl. in Monrovia. In the IE, Felipe's is another good place. Two locations in Rancho Cucamonga, see for locations.