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May 3, 2007 12:31 PM

What dessert is this?

I had this dessert when I was a child but the Italian bakery in my neighborhood closed down. Would anyone know what dessert this is and where to get a recipe for it or know where to buy such a dessert? Thanks!

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  1. I could not get the link to open.

    1. Looks like meringue on top, maybe a cookie crust. Filling is a question though.

      1. It is a "chiboust". A pastry cream finished with an italian meringue. This one looks to have a fruit filled (apple?) crust too. It was named after a french chef. The pasrty is frozen and the top caramelized.

        1. The picture says "Chiboust Poire." Chiboust is a type of pastry custard and poire is pear. It looks like the custard with pieces pear on the bottom and a meringue on the top.

          The picture is making me hugry.