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May 3, 2007 11:44 AM


Hi! I'm getting married in L.A. in August and am looking for a great, fun place to have my rehearsal dinner in the area (westside). We have a large group, about 60-70 people, and ideally would like some place that is no more than $20 per person (plus tax/tip). We plan on showing a video montage so need a place that at least has the capabilities to hook up the projector, etc. and most importantly that is just fun and casual since our wedding is quite formal.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. C & O's in Marina Del Rey is perfect! a lot of fun, enough room, although the projector might be little tricky.

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! I went to an engagement party at the W in Westwood - it was held in the patio and the room adjacent to it and had the Audio/Visual equipment and DJ set up also. There were about 100 people that attended and we were not cramped at all. Good luck.

      Here is the info:
      W Los Angeles Westwood
      930 Hilgard Ave., 90024
      Tel: 310-208-8765

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        No way the W is within the budget of $20/person. I purposely have not posted an answer here because of that restriction.

        But, try Warzsawa - they have a patio with projector and screen, and you could get away with doing lots of appetizers, instead of a dinner.

      2. We had a dinner with about 50 people at Guelatguetza at Palms and National. We basically took over the restaurant. Everyone had a great time and service was fantastic.

        1. We had ours at El Cholo in Santa Monica, as we didn't want a "formal sit down" dinner the night before our wedding. Okay...not the greatest food, but they did a great job and we had a lot of fun. I think they can hold 60 people max; one menu is $18/person, another is $24/person. Both menus include soft drinks, appetizers, and multiple entree options. You can view the menus on their website.

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          2. I had a breakfast the day after our wedding at Monte Alban and they were really accommodating. The food is stellar. I'm not sure about the projector business, given that teh walls at Monte Alban look like a muralist on acid, but I bet they'd find a way to accommodate you. They are wonderfully nice and the food is really, really good.

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              Maggianos in the Grove is fun, and the food is pretty good. They have a nice private room and the cost per person is not much over 20 bucks (without alcohol). Chinese food can also work--Fu's Palace (Pico near Robertson) has a private room and Gary the owner will work with you so the party will turn out great.

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                Maggiano's is about $26/person without tax/tip/alcohol, and that's if you are in the main dining room. If you want a private room, the cost goes up even higher.