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May 3, 2007 11:40 AM

Fayetteville NC

Will be there tomorrow and looking for something good beyond fast food and chains??

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  1. We have good friends in Fayetteville and they'd be the first to tell you the place is a black hole when it comes to good food. It's not even a good barbecue town. There might be some decent vietnamese or other asian.

    You can probably get a cheap wedding ring too.

    Oh, I think there's a branch of Smithfield's Chicken and Ribs there. That's a surprisingly good NC-only chain. The food is quite respectable.

    1. I plan to head to the Mash House Brewery again. Google website for menu. O.K. menu and award winning brews. Fayetteville is kinda basic. Chains and uniquely lit restaurants near mall area. Excellent 'Q (I have been told) near by in Dunn and Goldsboro.

      1. My son flies A-10s at Pope in F'ville and he introduced me to the 316 Oyster Bar and Seafood Grill. I really love this place. Excellent grouper, mixed grill and spicy steamed shrimp. Great slaw. As others noted there aren't many choices but you can't go wrong here..

        1. Elizabeth's, for Italian. Great Antipasto. Everything freshly sliced.

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            Momma's Soul Food is worth a look. Great fried chicken and sides.

          2. I second the vote for 316 Oyster Bar. Lots of fried food on the menu, but their blackened and other methods of preparation of FRESH fish are very good. Not too pricey, either. They have some fish always available (I don't know if that means frozen or not), I stick to the fresh catches listed daily.

            I like Luigi's for Italien. Always have a good meal. Great wine list.

            Pierro's is decent with a small selection. Live music on Saturday nights (usually) at the downtown location.

            Also downtown is Husk Hardware. Great beer (like the Mash House), great food. I think the service is better than at Mash House.