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May 3, 2007 11:24 AM

Korean Fried Chicken in San Jose area?

I have read an article awhile back in NY Times and have been curious. Is there any place that someone can suggest? AND is it exactly?

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  1. Discussed here:

    I tried 99 Chicken a couple of weeks ago and did not like it at all. I got the combo...the chicken was overcooked and the sauces were awful. I could actually forgive the sauces if the chicken was cooked properly. Dry fried chicken? Pass.


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      I tried 99 chicken after much Yelp hype and thought it was just okay. The three of us got two orders of the combo. I liked the sweet (honey-like glaze) the best, but I do have to admit it tastes similar to opening up a honey packet and dumping it over an Extra Crispy drumstick at KFC. The other two sauces tasted similar, one had extra chiles in it but that's it. The chicken wasn't bad...but nothing worth waiting an hour for. We got our picture taken and the owner told us to come back the next day to see it....I'm not sure if I'll ever be back to take a look.

    2. I really like 99 Chicken, but perhaps it is not for everyone (see above). I would remind that the chicken is not highly seasoned (you season to your liking with the msg/salt/pepper sprinkle provided at every table). Additionally, the pieces will all be small legs or wings, so it is not the same as a huge breast piece with a southern style buttermilk or maryland style spice coating. When I had it, the Chicken was certainly not overcooked at all, and was quite juicy with the skin being completely crispy (the goal is to render all the fat completely, giving a juicy but non-greasy experience). This style dish is supposedly thought of as bar food.