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May 3, 2007 11:17 AM

Please tell what the difference is?

I post "where do I find Maldon Salt" on the General Topics board and it gets deleted immediately or moved to who-knows-where. Another post from April 30 titled " Where do I find Diamond Kosher Salt" is fine. What's the difference? I'm truly stumped by the the CH moderators this time.

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  1. General Topics is where discussion of mail order sources belongs, while search for local sources belongs on your local board.

    It seemed like you were looking for sources that were local to the New York area, rather than having to go on the internet to get the salt, so we moved the post to the Manhattan board. We could move it to the Outer Boroughs board if you prefer, or to What's My Craving? if you're open to suggestions in any borough.

    If you're looking mainly for internet sources, let us know, and we can move it back to General Topics.

    If you want both local and internet sources, that would be two different posts, one to General Topics and one to your preferred local board.

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      oh, I understand now, thanks for clearing things up. The post is fine where is it, I got the answer I was looking for.