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May 3, 2007 11:13 AM

Brixx in Brier Creek Raleigh?

I just happened to be visiting Brier Creek's website, when I read that Brixx Wood Fired Pizza is suposedly coming soon:

Has anyone heard about this? It would be nice to have some good pizza in this shopping center....

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  1. There are several Brixx in Charlotte. It's thin crust, brick oven, $8-10 for a 10 (?) inch pizza. I like it, but it isn't my only pizza fix. They do quite well here.

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    1. re: jlwnc

      Yep. I've been to the Chapel Hill location, and one in downtown Charlotte - both good. I like it better than Mellow Mushroom. (For the greasy NY style we frequent Randy's Pizza). I was just excited to have a much more convenient location -- it's close enough to work to go there for lunch!

      1. re: scarrie

        i've been to the chapel hill location, it's mediocre at best...hopefully you can find a more authentic place in raleigh

    2. Oh man, that website is terrifying. I knew Brier Creek was scary--the way it just appeared one day, where before there was just forest & pasture--and I knew that driving through it led to panic attacks, but I didn't realize the full extent of its chainstore awfulness. It's creepy to see all these paragons of American cookie-cutter 'quirky' eatery overdesign all listed out one after the other.

      I'm not 100% versed in the current state of American chain restaurantness, but some educated Googling would seem to reveal that of that list of 27 restos on the site, the following may not be chains:
      Azitra ( ) - upscale Indian, going for the same market as Saffron. I like Saffron better.
      Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse ( ) - appears to be locally owned, although all those Brazil-in-the-box steakhouses seem identical to me, so I'm not sure that counts
      Champa Thai & Sushi - anybody eaten there?
      FujiSan Japanese Steakhouse ( ) - anyone?

      New Asia & "Slice of NY Pizza" may also be non-chains, although again, I'm not sure it makes a difference with those kinds of "everything you need to start a restaurant, in one big shipping crate, direct to your door" places.

      So at best, that's 6 out of 27, and at least half of those appear to be of the Generic X Type of Restaurant style. What's even creepier is that Brier Creek Commons is only one of the several stripmall clusters in that area; there's also the cluster that has the Earth Fare (and I will freely admit that it's nice to have an Earth Fare that close to work, for when I need to stock up on pricey teas & snacks for the break room), and the other cluster that has the Red Robin (ewww). I don't think I've noticed *any* non-chain joints in any of the other clusters, so I think the total ratio is probably like 10:1, chain vs. local.

      Unless you count the Angus Barn as being in Brier Creek.

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      1. re: rossgrady

        Brixx is good. It is what it is. They give you good quality thin-crust pizza. It is similar to California Pizza Kitchen but has better tasting pizza and better service, IMO.

        Now, would I prefer more "authentic" pizza establishments like Italian Pizzeria III in Chapel Hill? Yes. But, Brixx is good (not great).

        1. re: jsb23nc

          Based on one visit to the Brixx in Meadowmont, I would agree with the comparison to California Pizza Kitchen, but I think that Brixx is a bit less good (the crust on my pizza was a bit overly doughy). That said, I would return to Brixx for an easygoing meal on one of my less-Chowhoundy days if the location was convenient for me.

          1. re: jsb23nc

            Thanks for the agreement... Lunch is all about location.... there just isn't enough time to drive to Durham or Raleigh on a work day. Unless I bring lunch from home, the only options are within a 10 or 15 minute drive.

          2. re: rossgrady

            Azitra - agree with your comment
            Brasa - haven't been there...
            Champa - It's not bad. Are there better options for Thai food out there? Yes. But it's fine for lunch if you work in RTP. I haven't had the sushi.
            Fujisan - Again, mediocre. It was a nice change of pace for a department lunch (as my coworkers seem to be addicted to Maggiano's). Went with friends for dinner for sushi, and it was okay. Many seem to enjoy it - it was completely jammed at dinner.

            New Asia - haven't been.
            Slice of NY Pizza - if you work in RTP, you've got to get Randy's, hands down...