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May 3, 2007 11:10 AM

Brooklyn NY 'Hounder staying in River North area

I'm going to be visiting Chicago (first time) this weekend, staying in the "River North" area. We have reservations for 160 Blue, but are there any walk-in restaurants in the area that we shouldn't miss? Also, how "dressy" is 160 Blue? Thanks!

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  1. There are TONS of restaurants in River North, of all types. The choice depends on what type of food you want, etc. The ability to walk in without waiting depends, in part, on time of day and day of the week. I don't think anything there is "don't miss" although if you've never had Chicago deep-dish pizza, Gino's East and Uno's or Due are in that area and worth going to.

    Attire at One Sixty Blue is "business casual", i.e. most gentlemen are typically attired in shirts with collars, and long pants other than blue jeans. Most do not wear sportjacket or tie, but a small percentage do, so you wouldn't feel out of place if you did, but it's certainly not necessary. It's a wonderful restaurant; I'm sure you'll love it.


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        BTW. we wore jeans to 160 Blue on a Saturday night and felt right at home. Some people dressed more formally, most were in bus. causal, but several other tables were more casual in jeans or likewise, and, on the way through the bar, I also saw co-owner Michael Jordan with some guests in the corner wearing jeans, so Be Like Mike and wear what you want.

        I highly recommend the Scallop appetizer, the lamb, and the Chocolate dessert souffle, although everything we ordered was excellent.