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May 3, 2007 10:40 AM

Cinco de Mayo specials tomorrow at Tacos Don Memo

I love this truck. Just chowed down on tacos al pastor with salsa roja (the "hot" option, but some days he also has salsa ranchero which is hotter), and horchata - lots of cinnamon. The owner told me to be sure to come by tomorrow, because he's going to have "a whole lot of specials" for an early Cinco de Mayo feast. He's going to have lengua tacos! (tongue)

For those who are having trouble finding Tacos Don Memo, go to 38th and Sansom, west side of the street (7-11 side), where all the college kids are sitting on the parking lot incline and salivating. I know exactly where it is, and twice now from half a block away I've thought it wasn't there even though it was. It's a really small truck, very shiny and new looking, and is parked behind (north of) KoJa at 38th and Walnut (Korean/Japanese truck, larger, has flag logos, also recommended). There are currently no signs or logos on the truck; the only place the name appears is on the menu.

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  1. I think what threw me is that I was looking for a truck. It's not really a truck, but a rather small sidewalk cart. And yes, the tacos al pastor really are spectacular - one of the best things I've eaten in the city of Philadelphia! And they really are wonderful people.

    Do you know if they are doing the specials only for one day on the 4th? For that matter, are they open on weekends? I also forgot to ask how late they are open. I've driven by at 5pm and not seen them there. Tacos lengua are my favorites. I'm tempted to drive for an hour, just for those.

    I did see a small sign, but it's on the sidewalk side - not visible from the street.

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      Today the specials were mole burrito, flautas ($5/3), tamales ($2 ea), taco lengua ($2), horchata and tamarindo. There was another line on the specials chalkboard that had been erased by the time I got there. There was also free chips and guacamole on the 'counter'--I assume because the line was so long, even though I only waited slightly over 10 minutes. They usually don't have that many specials per day, I think that's what was special about today. I don't know if tamales or tacos lengua are going to make repeat appearances - certainly hope so. Mole burrito, horchata, and tamarindo are daily specials. I loved the taco lengua I got! Diced lengua, cilantro, onions - their tacos always taste very fresh. Wish I could have tried the flautas. Don't know what their hours are, or if they're open weekends - anyone else know?

      1. re: Dib

        I finally found the truck! I had 2 spicy pork tacos (with onion, cilantro, pineapple) and a beef taco, extra spicy. It was all terrific--really fresh, clean food. Talked with the owner while he prepared my food--really nice, and made a pt to let me know that his food is the "real deal." I'll definitely have to make weekly trips.

        1. re: Lotus7

          Thanks to the heads up from this site, I'm now addicted to this truck. I get lunch there aout twice a week now. I wish was in town the day they had the cynco de mayo lunch specials. They sounded amazing!