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May 3, 2007 10:19 AM

Legal Sea Food raw bar

Legal Sea Food is hyping up their Raw Bar on youtube: (warning: language NSFW


I'm a big fan of raw bars, but I've never had Legal's - I always order the clam chowder or something off the wood grilled menu. Anybody know if it is any good?

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  1. Tho it paints Legal in a good light is that a real Berkowitz production? Kinda doubtful. ive had raw oysters and cherrystones at various Legals, all impeccable but i tend to go to chestnut Hill, Burlington, and the airport rather than downtown.

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      1. I've had mixed results with their raw bar. Sometimes good and sometimes scary. I think that it depends on the location and timing. If we are at Legal and opt for the raw bar we tend to order small and if it is good we will order more; however, that tends to be our philosophy of anyplace that we haven't been or doesn't specialize in raw bar.

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          I read that when the new part of the Natick Mall, to be known as the Natick Collection, opens in September there will be a Legal Seafood Raw Bar "on steroids"....sounds as if it will just be a raw bar since there is a full service Legal almost across from it on Route 9. That could be interesting.

        2. Have eaten dozens of oysters at Legal- near Aquarium, Chestnut HIll, Framingham and Airport and have never ever had a bad experience. They are pristine, cold and briny. Always.

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            I've always been pleased with the Legal Raw bars too..Pru, Aquarium or Logan.

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              Only problem I've every had with Legal' raw bar was at Legal Test Kitchen and it was not with the oysters themselves but how they were served. Ordered a dozen and they were served on platter for that held six staked on top of each other.