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May 3, 2007 10:04 AM

Good bakery for a banana whipped cream cake?

Need a good bakery that can make me a banana whipped cream cake..preferable somewhere in queens--but not too far out in Nassau county is okay, too...need it for Sunday, so could pick it up Saturday, or pick it up Sunday early...thanks for the help...

La Flor in Woodside, can't do it....and Dolcia Italia on Metrop can't do it, only use custard fillings, etc....and the place in Sunnyside, La Dolce Vita is quite expensive $25 for a 4" not like Bonnelle in Forest Hills...any other suggestions?

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  1. what about Lulu's in Fresh some good things about them....are their cakes good?

    1. Baked To Perfection
      91 Main St
      Port Washington, NY