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May 3, 2007 09:54 AM

Dinner Monday night near Ground Zero - suggestion?

Any suggestions? My wife and I will be having dinner with my brother. He's not a foodie, so we're looking for something fairly upscale with good straight-forward food. We're looking for higher than a pub, but lower than somewhere you would feel the need for a sport coat.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Are you willing to travel a little bit? Because there aren't much to choose from near Ground Zero other than Les Halles (a french bistro that has very inconsistent food and service). However, if you are will to go to W. Broadway (a few blocks), then there are Landmarc and Upstairs at Bouley. If you go south to Stone Street there is Smorgas Chef for Scandanavian food. At South Street Seaport there is MarkJoseph Steakhouse. Of course there are some "old" standbys like Delmonico's, Faunces Tavern. Other than that most of the places are small joints for pizza or ethnic food.

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      I love Tribeca Grill on Greenwich at Franklin. Not sure how close you need to be though.

    2. Definitely Landmarc. It's only a short (less than 8 blocks) walk from Ground Zero, up West Broadway... but they don't take reservations so if you arrive during peak brunch time on the weekends, or after 7 any other night, be prepared for a wait (but it's worth it!).

      1. I agree about going to W.Bway instead of the immediate GZ vicinity, although I do like Les Halles. Odeon is another solid option on W.Bway.