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I can never have too many.....?

I'm trying to think of a small kitechen present for a co-worker, who I heard loves to cook. Not knowing what she already has nor what kinds of cooking/baking she is into. So I started to think about my own kitchen. What gadget I'd love to have more of? Being a baker, I can never have enough measureing spoon/cups. What about you and your kitechen?

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  1. knives, baking sheets, tongs, spatulas, mixing bowls.

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      Yeah, I could definitely use more tongs -- I use mine constantly, so I'm always having to fish them out of the dishwasher and wash them. And can you have too many spatulas? I think not!

      I really need more small bowls -- I have a set of the bright-colored plastic nesting 1/4 cup to 2 cup measuring/prep bowls ( http://www.surlatable.com/product/id/... ); I'd love another set and they're cool enough to make a nice gift. But what I really need is another set of both the 4-ounce and 8-ounce pyrex custard cups -- the ones with the fluted edges that are have remained unchanged for at least 40 years. An indispensible classic!

      1. knives and heat resistent spatulas. Always run out and am constantly rinsing.

        Jfood's favorite tool in the kitchen is one of my pans. A 10" non-stick Calphalon pan with sides. When purchased years ago they called it a sauteuse, now they call it a saute pan. Have two of them, one with two u-handles and the other with one u-handle and one long handle. Jfood loves the second one more than any pan.

        1. I just asked a similar question earlier this week so check out all the great posts under the following subject:

          You have $15...What kitchen gadget do you buy?

          People have really great ideas for exactly the question you are asking!

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            yes that's a good thread!

            i would also second cookbooks or cookbookstore gift cert!

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              That is definitely a good thread to check out...the idea I got from that is the silicone universal pot lids from Sur La Table. Haven't had a chance to check them out yet, but seems like that could make a great gift for someone who may have lots of everything since it could be considered a bit of a noveltly item.

              I also second those who have suggested tongs...those are by far my most indespensible item in the kitchen, and it's great to have a variety of lengths.

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                UMM..one word ont the lids: AMAZING :) Enjoy 'em.

            2. I love cookbooks just for some new ideas!! I call myself a cookbook aholic! Or give a magazine subscription to Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Food and Wine etc. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Depending on your budget another fun gift is a wine club membership there are a ton out there at many different price ranges and maybe a food/wine pairing cookbook to go with it.

              1. I can't get enough kitchen towels. I don't use oven mitts, so the kitchen towels get used for that. I use them instead of paper towels for cleaning. I used them for drying. I have stacks of them, and they get used constantly.

                1. heat resistant spatulas (in lots of bright colors), small non-stick saute pans from the restaurant suply store, white "bar mop" style towels, ramekins (or small bowls) for mis en place, olives, nuts, dips, etc...

                  1. Wooden spoons and small metal bowls.

                    1. Dishtowels. Seriously -- Every time I go to Ikea I buy more. But my favorites are the large flour sack towels. Double as a potholder, an apron, a salad spinner. Love dishtowels.

                      Actually potholders too -- they're always wet when you need one.

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                        i second dishtowels. also stackable plastic square storage bowls with lids. Most everything else, I can get buy with just one or two.

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                          You realize that dishtowels are extremely flammable -- word from firefighters I've talked to is that some ridiculous percentage of kitchen fires are spread by the dishtowels.

                          The flour sack type clothes are also so light that when they do burn they can actually waft burning fragments around the whole house.

                          Curtain will catch fire and then WOOOPH -- if you are not next door to the fire station the whole is going to be a engulf...

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                            I'm a bit confused by this post -- you're saying that one shouldn't use dishtowels because they're flammable? Last time I checked, so are my clothes, but I still wear them every day ...

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                              The only thing I know one really need be careful of is putting dishtowels that have a lot of cooking oil on them into the washing machine and dryer.

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                                Sorry I missed this follow-up so long ago, but my point then, and now, is that using the lightweight flour sack dishtowels as a potholder or anywhere near a stove (either gas or electric) is a very dangerous idea. It is a factor in a HUGE percentage of kitchen fires.

                                Use potholders that are flame-resistant and HEAVY as any lightweight cloth will almost certainly contribute to a situation that could destroy a home.

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                            You do need pot holders for the top of the stove, but I gave myself some ""Cool Touch" oven rack gaurds. They snap onto the front of oven racks and protect you from burns. It says on the package that they're not intended to use to pull out oven racks, but I use them for that all the time. "Safe to 500 degrees." Love 'em! http://jazinnovations.com/

                          3. Cookbooks and (though perhaps not directly related to your immediate question) bottles of wine.

                            1. Tasting spoons. Best gift I've gotten was from my wife who bought me a dozen small teaspoons (British style teaspoons, that is). Its great because I can taste with each one once and then put it in the sink. I love them. They also don't take up a lot of room which is good...I'd love more 2qt pots or more tongs, etc but I just don't have the space for more.

                              1. I am with you on measuring cups and spoons. I especially love my odd sized ones. When you are baking "big" having multi sets is terrific and having a 2 tsp. measuring spoon, a 2/3 C., 3/4 C etc.are huge time and motion savers. I love my old fashioned granny cooking forks with the really sharp tines, they are carbon steel antiques, love little prep bowls that hold just about an egg yolk in size. When I am doing a lot of Chinese or Vietnamese recipes those bowls are wonderful for getting your mise set up. Heat resistant silicone spatulas and basting brushes. Bowls of all sizes, lots of tongs, those French clothes pins in brightly covered coating. I have 6 Kuhn Rikon vegetable peelers they are the ones in the Y shape and are very sharp. Foley food mill, several graters and Microplanes, glass measuring cups in all sizes. Tart tins in all shapes and sizes. Whisks in many sizes. I never worry about duplicates, it is great to use someting and pop it into the dishwasher and keep going and not have to stop and wash something because I need it in step 2 or 3.

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                                  towels, spats, cookbooks, storage containers, multiple bowls for the Kitchen Aid

                                2. I absolutely agree with the wooden spoons/tongs/towels, etc, that have already been mentioned. I'll suggest something that is not gadgetry ( and heaven knows we all have our own ideas about what is and isn't necessary vis-a-vis gadgets). What about a nice serving bowl or platter? Doesn't have to be spendy. It's been my experience that people who like to cook also like to serve, and the scramble to find something in the cupboard to serve in can be stressful. A cheap pretty serving bowl or plate from Target or the like can be a lovely gift. Most of us who love to cook like to "present" the food. Maybe it's an option if you don't know what she needs food-execution-wise.

                                  1. Cutting boards in all diff sizes, tongs galore, Spatulas, wooden spoons. A bigger kitchen LOL!!!

                                      1. re: Jimmy Buffet

                                        totally agree with you. i'm always running out of paring knives.

                                        and like Megiac and ccbweb, i'm also always looking for small bowls and teaspoons.

                                        edit--whoops. just noticed the date... why am i reviving a year old thread?!

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                                          Why not?! The wedding season is approaching. I agree about paring knives, silicone spatulas, and measuring cups.

                                          And I'm always replacing those plastic flexible cutting boards.

                                      2. 1/2 sheet pans, heavy duty tongs and bamboo spatulas (ridiculously cheap, last forever. won't melt and won't scratch anything).

                                        1. Quarter sheet pans (not necessarily non-stick), tongs and serving bowls in all sizes, especially ones that can be heater or held in the oven to keep food warm.
                                          Also serving spoons and forks, to go with all of the serving plates for my family style dinners.

                                          1. TONGS! I have two pair, and I wish I had ten. Also, sheet pans and wooden spoons are always good. I have tons of mise en place bowls, but most people don't have as many as they should. If you want to go the spice route, sea salt and peppercorns are always good.

                                            1. Sorry if this is going slightly against the topic, but it reminded me of a time I was captive at a wedding shower during the mandatory gift-opening ceremony. As we sat through yet another frigging gift of a platter, the mother of the bride-to-be said, very graciously, "Well, you can never have too many platters!". The woman beside me leaned over and whispered, "Oh yes you can."

                                              1. sets of measuring spoons, and measuring cups.

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                                                  Staub pots. They're so beautiful and functional - the best of both worlds.

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                                                    I think measuring spoons and measuring cups are like socks. I always lose one of every set.

                                                  2. Stainless steel bowls in graduating sizes, to answer the OP's question. But the number of responses that included heat-resistant (silicone) spatulas made me grin in triumph. They were my 'general purpose' Christmas present last year and I saved at least half a dozen for myself.