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May 3, 2007 09:16 AM

New Indian restaurant in Lacey WA

The latest Indian place in Lacey is the Curry Corner, on Martin Way north of Hawks Prairie (located in a small strip mall, next to Cebu, the Philippine restaurant that has been mentioned on this board several times).

The food at Curry Corner will taste familiar to customers of the former Mehfil -- it is the same cook. The food is excellent, and very reasonable prices. This is definitely a positive addition for South Sounders looking for a curry fix. Lots of vegetarian options, and all of the usual Indian standards, nicely flavored. The entrees are priced between $8 and $11, including rice or naan, with generous portions. There is no lunch buffet, but the lunch specials are around $7 or $8. And (unlike Cebu), they have a beer/wine license.

With limited options for Indian food in the Olympia area, this is very good news.

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  1. I'll second that. Had lunch there yesterday. Service was prompt and friendly. This was only my third Indian restaurant meal, so I'm no expert on what the food should be like, but it sure tasted good. I had Chix Tikka Massala (Sp?) and my wife had Chix Curry, both $6.95 specials. In addition to the meat, there were two veg. sides, rice, naan bread, and an Indian rice pudding which my wife judged excellent. I don't care for rice pudding, so I won't comment on it. A very pleasant meal. The restaurant also has a couple of shelves with foods from India, including Brooke Bond Red Label Tea which I understand is an excellent drink.

    1. This restaurant is fast becoming a regular haunt of mine. Indian restaurants I have been to in the past may have one or two dishes worthy of going back for, but at Curry Corner, everything I have tried is just spot-on wonderful. Their lunch special is the best deal in town. For under $7 you get a tray loaded with food: a meat entree, a veggie entree, dal, rice, naan, dessert and a cup of chai to boot! I haven't been able to finish everything in one sitting yet. If you are meat eater by nature, do not make the mistake of neglecting their vegetable entrees. The navrattam korma is the best I have ever had. And the blink-and-you-miss it lentil soup listed on the menu for $2.50 is in the running for the best soup in town, lentil or otherwise.

      Also, the service is fast, attentive and genuine. And the shelves lined with ingredients to try your hand at cooking Indian at home is just the icing on the cake. I really love this restaurant, and I encourage anyone and everyone to go check it out. You will not regret it.