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May 3, 2007 09:07 AM

B + B Ristorante - Molto Las Vegas

I dined twice this week at the new B + B Ristorante in the Venetian, and it was fabulous, perhaps even better than Babbo! I was surprised that a newly opened restaurant was running so smoothly, but all was perfection.

The dining room is surprisingly small with only about 80 seats and dimly lit with masculine dark woods, very similar to Del Posto but with seating far more compact. There is also the fun rock or reggae that Mr. Batali chooses to play at all of his restaurants, but it is not overwhelming.

On Sunday we split several entrees to allow us to try more items. For Antipasti, we had Armandino's Salumi, which I belive was coppa, sopressata and finocchiona with sauteed ramps. Armandino is Mario Batali's father who quit his job at Boeing to apprentice at the famous Tuscan butcher, Dario Cecchino of Panzano Italy, and now runs a salumeria (Salumi) in Seattle to sell his excellent wares.

For Primi, we split two pastas, starting with Linguini con Vongole, with clams, onions, pancetta and lots of spicy chilies. I had not had this dish before at Babbo as I thought it would be boring in comparison to the other rich selections, but it was very, very good. The heat of the chilies combined with the fresh brininess from the clams and salty crunch from the pancetta was delectable. For the second pasta, we split the Pappardelle Bolognese. The fresh pasta was thinner than I was used to at Babbo, but was much better for it, as it melted in the mouth with the ragu rather than being chewy. This was the best true Bolognese pasta and ragu I have had outside of Bologna, ever.

For Secondi, we split the Scottadita and had roasted potatoes for Contorni. The lamb arrived too rare, but was whisked off and returned within seemingly mere seconds the proper temperature. The chops were delicious, with hardly any fat and the juicy grilled lamb flavored perfectly. The potatoes were roasted with rosemary, sea salt and whole unpeeled garlic to a golden brown and were an excellent accompaniment to the lamb.

For Dessert, we ordered the chocolate mousse with zabaione which was light and satisfyingly chocolatey. The chef or Mgmt also sent a complimentary Ricotta/Goat Cheese tart with berries that was also very good. There were also a tray of small cookies offered before the check, a nice touch.

We returned on Monday and enjoyed the exact same meal with only a few changes (we each ordered our OWN Linguini and Scottadita, they were that good - we did not want to share!). Our experience was absolutely consistent with the prior evening and we had another outstanding dinner.

Service was professional and unobtrusive with waiters both enthusiastic and eager to please. But I was most impressed by the Manager, Ricky Laine, who covered the dining room omnisciently catering to every guests concern and making sure all was well, and he is also quite easy on the eyes, I might add.

I also dined at Enoteca San Marco (Las Vegas Otto) twice and found the food and experience to be uneven and quite unpolished, but they only opened a couple of days prior and it would not be fair to comment until they have their kinks worked out. Which makes the experience at B + B so much more surprising, that after only a few weeks, that restaurant was run as smooth as an operation that has been open for years. I cannot wait to return...until I do, Babbo will have to suffice.

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  1. Thank you for the great review. I was awaiting the opening, and I will definately try it on my next trip to Las Vegas.


    1. Thanks for posting. I'm really looking forward to trying this later in the month when I get to Vegas.

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        We went to B&B Saturday nite, May 5, 2007 and while the service was dismal, the food was fantastic. We had reservations at 8:30 p.m. and although the restaurant was three weeks old, it was quite busy. We loved the atmosphere. Our particular waitress was very off-putting and uncomfortable and made several mistakes through out the evening. There was a *supervisor* on the floor from back East and we discovered by asking him questions we found out all the info we needed to make this a memorable eveing (for example, he explained why the bread is served without butter and he had a charming informative history)

        We had appetizers and pasta only (no main courses). To start, we had the cauliflower sformato which was a presentation of a custard type w/ sweet shrimp and grapefruit and beyond fantastic. I would go back to the restaurant just for this dish (despite my companion saying he didn't particularly like it). The other appetizer was salumi which was an assortment of three different types of cured meats which was very good but pricey.

        Next, was the primi, which was the sweet potatoe ravioli (Lune) with sage and grated amaretti which was fantastic. Again, I would order this next time I visited. The other pasta was the strichetti (which they described as double bow ties) with spring lamb and English peas in a light tomato sauce. This had an unbelievable intense flavor that we are still talking about.

        For dessert it was espresso and chocolate mousse (fantastic) AND pot de creme which was coffee infused with delicious cookies on side. Both very nice.

        If we didn't have such an odd waitress (who messed up our order, our drinks, our bill), the entire experience would have been a ten. We will definetly go back.

        1. re: BarbaraBell

          BarbaraBell: I have to agree, the sweet potato Lune is so mind-blowingly good, I still tell people about it! In fact, you post reminded me again how much I loved it, I think I'm going to have to get to B&B this week for an order!

          1. re: Honeychan

            Great reviews and comments! We will be in Vegas 2 weeks from today and are quite excited about checking this place out. We went to Mozza a few weeks ago in LA and are still high from the wonderful food we experienced there!

            The only way to get a reservation at this time is by calling the restaurant?

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              Right. They're not on Open Table and I don't think the Venetian has an online reservation system like the MGM-Mirage hotels have. When you call there's a recording saying they take reservations up to a month ahead. A few weeks ago I made a reservation about a week ahead for two, and then just the day before the reservaton we found out we would be four, and I called and it was easily changed. That was only a few days after their "official" opening on April 16th so now maybe they're more crowded. If my experience getting a reservation at Lupa in N.Y. is any indicator, call right away. BTW we enjoyed it very much, here's my writeup:

              1. re: Debbie W

                Dined @ B & B on Wednesday evening .....It had to be the single most memorable meal I have had to date in Las Vegas. The food and atmosphere were exquisite. Eveything went off w/out a hitch except for a small glitch in service
                To start we had the cauliflower sformato and the fresh anchovies....both were very light with delicate was dreamlike.

                The highlight of the meal were the Pasta's. We shared the Veal Cheek Ravioli w/ the Black truffle and the Braised Oxtail Gnocchi.....the oxtail was perfectly cooked and the gnocchi cloudlike.
                The flavors of the Ravioli were bursting w/ each bite....

                The entrees were also perfectly prepared...we shared a Braised Short Rib and the fennel dusted Sweetbreads......along with a side of the roasted beet risotto.
                2 days later I am still remebering the flavors.

                To finish we had the Cheese tasting....2 Italian and one domestic....
                A nice compliment to the meal...something sweet would have cut into all those rich earthy flavors I was still savoring.

                To end the 'perfect' meal we moved to the bar and shared a trio of digestif's (Amara's)...I did not want this evening to end.

                Thanks to my dining partner QAW for introducing me to B & B.....
                I will always be grateful for the experience.

                1. re: ciaogal

                  Wow, thanks for the great review. I can't wait to try it.

                2. re: Debbie W

                  B&B was completely awesome! We ate here this past Wednesday and were still talking about it. We had an 8 o'clock reservation and the place was packed when we arrived. So we sat at the bar and started talking with the bartender Adam.. he made us some pretty special cocktails called Mother Teresa.. wow! After about 20 minutes we still weren't sat so Adam invited us to eat with him at the bar, a great idea! The bar reminded us of home (same granite) so we decided to stay and let Adam to the driving. We each did the pasta tasting with pairings.. just over the top delicious! Everything we had was just magnificent! Love letters, Lune, Parpadelle, Ravioli and dessert. We literally woddled out of there were so so full!

                  The service was top notch tho of course we didn't sit in the dining room. Next time eat at the bar and ask for Adam.. he will take very good care of you! We spent about 300 bucks for dinner though with the quality, service and so many courses we felt this was a very good value!

                  1. re: xanderbear

                    Here are a few pics of the experience!

        2. What are the price ranges for appetizers and entrees? Is there a tasting menu or prix fixe menu? Thanks!

          1. What are the serving sies like? Is it reasonable to do an appetizer, first course and main course or is that too much food? I'm thinking the portions are small. Just wondering if we should maybe share an appetizer and first course and have our own main course. thanks

            1. Thanks to this board, I went to both B & B Ristorante and Enoteca San Marco while in Vegas this past weekend. In regards to the last couple of questions, B & B generally runs about $10-20 for antipasti, in the $20s for primi and $30-$50 for entrees. The portion sizes are not large...I usually don't eat a lot in one meal but had an antipasti, primi and secondi and did not feel overly full at the end of the meal, just satisfied. There is a pasta tasting menu ($75) and regular tasting menu ($85) that the whole table has to participate in.

              I had the Prosciutto San Daniele for my antipasti which was very tasty, although I thought the black pepper fett'unta overpowered the meat so I just ate the prosciutto on it's own. For my primi, I had the Sweet Potato Lune due to the raves on this board and while I am not a fan of sweet potato, this was one amazing dish. It was so delicious and the sage & amaretti sauce was divine. I am not a terribly adventurous when it comes to meat so I had the barbecued skirt steak as my secondi. It was cooked perfectly and was quite good. My boyfriend had the marinated fresh anchovies which he said were wonderful, the Mint Love Letters which he really enjoyed (the ragu was so good) and for his secondi he had the Spicy Two-Minute calamari. He thought the calamari was good but not spectacular. It wasn't quite what he was expecting so I think he was a little disppointed. Our waitress was helpful and considerate but we did wait a few minutes before she came over in the beginning. We also had a wobbly table which isn't a huge deal but was surprising to me for such an upscale place, it had to be fixed 2-3x. All in all, an excellent meal. The "Lune" pasta is something I'm still thinking about and my boyfriend had a serious case of pasta-envy over the dish.

              The next night we went to Enoteca San Marco. The service was a little slow at first, they seemed to be short a waiter or something, but the servers were very knowledgeable and friendly. The focus to me seemed to be on sharing appetizers vs. the entrees. For starters, we had the Arancine, small risotto balls with saffron, meat and cheese which were delicious. I love rice balls and used to get them often when I lived in New York at Balducci's. I normally don't like saffron but these had the perfect amount of flavor. We also had the Gnocco Fritto, which are strips of fried dough. Doesn't sound terribly exciting (and some would find the dish boring) but I love the words "fried dough" and they were yummy. Our server recommended we get prosciutto or the lardo to wrap around the gnocco and so we got the prosciutto and did just that. Either with the meat or without, I would definitely order this again. My boyfriend also ordered the artichokes alla romana which he said were very good. For our entree we split a quattro formaggi pizza, which was a very thin crust, heavy on the sauce and in each of the four slices were one of the cheeses: taleggio, cacio, ricotta and mozarella. It was fabulous. The sauce was so good and the At both restaurants I had their blood orange cosmopolitans which were lovely.

              I highly enjoyed dining at both restaurants....I had two different experiences that were absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much to all of your reviews.

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                We had a wobbly table too. That kind of thing just bugs the hell out of me. Enjoyed the food though.