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May 3, 2007 08:52 AM

Yasuda Help Quick Please

I am going to Yasuda for lunch in about 2 hours, and I am excited yet slightly nervous. I am either going to order all a la carte, or get a prix fixe and then add on. I'm not sure if I will be sitting in front of Yasuda or not.

If ordering a la caret, do I order all at once? Can I keep a menu if I want to order a few pieces at a time? Do I ask to keep seeing the menu? At most sushi places I wouldn't really be worried, and simply do what felt right, but with going to Yasuda I am concerned. I'm 19 if it makes any difference.

Thanks for your help with this. Also, any reccomendations from anyone who has been recently? I have always been afraid to try Uni, but I think I may give it a try with Yasuda today. Anything else I should know to do or not do? I know my sushi ettiquete, I am just very nervous about Yasuda.

Thanks again.

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  1. I went a while back with my dad.

    We sat at a table and mostly stuck to the menu, with some help from our server, who encouraged us to try some things that we might not have otherwise. We really actually had a very relaxed dinner and things seemed low-pressure and, in fact, relatively casual and graceful, considering the panic-inducing reputation that the place has.

    Uni also creeps me out a bit, but at Yasuda, I had some very good fluke liver, something I would not normally have tried, either.

    I think that in this case, the mythology of the joint might exceed its ability to actually terrify when you are on the premises.