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May 3, 2007 08:39 AM

Woodhaven Blvd. - Quick bites

Once a week, I find myself traveling Woodhaven Blvd. between the LIE and Rockaway Blvd. It's usually around 4-5:00 and I'm in need of a quick bite.

I'm looking for simple things, slice of pizza, empanada etc. that I can inhale and get back in the car.

I'd like to stick to only a few blocks east or west.


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  1. west on jamaica ave is a good pizza place..carlos...right off wdhvn blvd

    on the corner of 91st st is a good spanish place..across from mcdonalds...

    and a few blocks further is pops,,,its an ice cream parlor/restaurant...on 86th st and jamaica ave...very nice

    1. Go behind the Queens Center Mall to "Nutripan" on Junction Blvd. & 57th Avenue - one thick slice of their Colombian bread pudding should do it...for a buck 'n' a quarter. Steam table food's good too, and better empanadas than Mama's.

      1. What about Pio Pio--call ahead, and you can run in and pick up...Peruvian chicken with excellent hot sauce, and good avocado salad----not sure if you could inhale it...but?

        My favorite place which is only a few blocks off of Woodhaven to the west on 88th street in Glendale is La about them...

        grab yourself any hero, they are inexpensive and DELICIOUS--especially the grilled chick fresh mozzarella with shallot vinagrette--call ahead and they will have it ready for you.. they need about 10 minutes or so...I eat in the car all the time in front of there........everything is great there....there is also Leone's down the street for a quick slice also....There is Maurya the Indian Place...but I've never eaten there, and they've received a decent review on Chowhound, however they don't fare too well in the Inspection ratings..lots of, not sure how you feel about this....