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Excellent Sandwich around 16th St. & 5th Ave

Anyone know where I can find one? I'm not a huge sandwich eater but when I crave one I want a really good one. Any suggestions for places to check out?

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  1. I wouldn't call any of these excellent, and some may be further afield than you're willing to go, but 71 Irving, Swich, and Amy's Bread (in Chelsea Market) all have good sandwiches.

    1. I had a really good sandwich from the panini bar at Whole Foods in Union Square the other day.

      Toasties right on the West side of Union Square does a pretty fair sandwich.

      For some classic options (tuna on rye, hot pastrami, etc), Eisenberg's on 5th Ave between 22nd & 23rd is great.

      Spoon has some great sandwiches, they're on 20th between 5th & 6th.

      There's a newly opened 'wichcraft on 20th between 5th and Broadway - I really want to like them, but often I just don't.

      Pain Quotidien also makes a very good sandwich, I forget the cross street, but they are between Broadway and Park one or two blocks above the north end of Union Square.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. They give me some direction.

      2. Tisserie on Bwy and 17th/18th...one of my favorite sandwich places in town!

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          Forgot about that one, that's a goodie too. I usually go in for something sweet.

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            Darn...I keep meaning to go in there! Thanks. Maybe tomorrow.

          2. Check out a little place called The Adore, on 13th, between 5th and University. Outstanding sandwiches.

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              I didn't know The Adore had food. I thought they only had tea.

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                Go back during lunch time - it's outstanding. There is a dining room on the second floor, very quaint.

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                  I'll have to check them out. How are the sandwiches here?

                  The bread they used for the tuna fish looked good but I didn't want a tuna fish and the other breads looked hard.

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                    I'm a big fan of Petite Abeille--I really like their croque monsieurs. I'm not sure what you mean about "hard" bread. It's crusty, but not in an unpleasat way.

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                      I'm a big fan of this place also, but I can't say I've had a sandwich. There are times when a girl needs a steak (or a bowl of garlicky mussels) and I usually go here for steak frites (or Moules Marinieres). The nicoise salad is good, I would imagine they'd do a good sandwich. But I know what you mean by hard bread, it's super crusty baguette and stuff, sometimes you really have to wrestle with bread like that.

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                        Cool! Thanks everyone for all the great feedback.

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                        Not sure if you count a hamburger as a sandwich (I don't), but it's very good at Petite Abeille. And good fries.

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                          Like others, I like Petite Abeille for a quick solid unpretensious meal, but I've never had sandwiches there. Mussels and burgers washed down with fine Belgian beer are a go!

                  2. I gotta throw BITE into the mix. Its on 14th St between 2nd and 3rd Aves. A little bit off your path, but very tasty sandwiches. I wrote a review of them (the downtown locale) on Roadfood.com (with pics)! I've been to 14th St many times and just as good. My favorite, which I had again today is the Spicy Middle Eastern Turkey Sandwich. They've also got some wicked paninis too.

                    1. I used to be a huge fan of Lucky's Deli (if it's still there) on 5th ave @ 17th or so. They had a huge menu of grilled chix sandwiches that were varied, fresh, and delicious.

                      Just a Korean-style deli, but a good one.

                      1. Great call on Tisserie! I've passed it many times but not gone in until today. Can we say presentable, fresh, and courteous! Someone should have warned me about the pastries in the front (Union Square entrance). I couldn't resist. I ordered a Turkey and gouda which was very tasty. Nice flavorful bread, a light bed of sprouts and tomatoes that were fresh and not excessive or overpowering. I also ordered the mini fruit tart. Yummy! Fresh fruit and custard in a bite size portion that was just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. Thanks Hounds.

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                          the miniature tiger's eyes and coquitos (sp?) are both excellent little treats. i'm also a fan of the miniature pastelitos. keep them in mind for your next visit. that said, i do find their sandwiches overpriced at around $10 each. aside from the bread the ingredient quality isn't much higher than what you get from a good local deli, and since the sandwiches are premade in the morning i've found sogginess to be an issue. in this department, i prefer medina on 17th st as most things are made to order.

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                            The sandwich was a little pricey $7.50 but about average for what you will find around here (heck, even Au Bon Pain's sandwiches are over $5). But it was tasty and I didn't find it to be soggy at all. I find that deli sandwiches tend to have too much something...too much bread...to much meat...I like a nice balanced sandwich.

                        2. Taralucci e vino on 18th between 5th and Bdwy has great paninis. The tuna with artichoke hearts is killer.

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                            love tisserie! i have to stop myself from eating 3 meals a day there.
                            pain quotidien is always dependable.
                            i've had a nice sandwich or two at wichcraft on 20th.
                            also second tarallucci e vino, dinner there is also super.

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                              Thanks. I am stuck on Tisserie so I need to venture out. :-)

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                                im a big fan of wichcraft and bite. never been to eisenbergs but hear alot about their tuna sandwiches. how good are they really?

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                              That would be "panini," the plural of "panino," though some of the personnel at my local branch of Tarallucci e Vino - on 10th St. and 1st Av. - don't see to know that. I haven't been to the 18th St. branch but do like the panini at the 10th St. branch.