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May 3, 2007 08:27 AM

New Grill ?? Where to go ??

I need to purchase a new grill very soon. Was wondering if anyone has the one they sell at BJ's Wholesale for $299.00 (all stainless with 4 burner controls and side burner, 2 door bottom) It is 60,000 BTU, 756 Square Inch cooking area. 4 stainless cooking burners and Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grids. Does anyone know of a better deal? I am about 30 miles southwest of Boston.

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  1. I have no experience with that particular model, but there have been similar offerings at Costco & Sam's Club. I have been tempted too, but the feedback I've gotten from other grillers/bbq forum folks is that while 75% of these units are fine those that are not turn into a giant hassle.

    There are no parts suppliers so that you have to drag the whole thing back to where you bought it. If the store is in a good mood they give you a new one. If they are not your end up getting the run around trying to contact the importer directly.

    Heck even if the darned thing works fine for a year or two odds are good that you will need some part or something eventually and with no offerings you are stuck.

    I would stick with a Webber from a local store or perhaps head over to the local fireplace and grill type shop. If they've been in business for a while that speaks volumes to their ability to give you the service that will ensure your investment in a grill is not going to be a mistake...

    1. Others may disagree but the absolute best grill I ever had before I got my Kamado was a Charbroil from Sam's Club. I have known a few other Charbroil owners who had good luck with them.

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        I love my 5 burner from Kenmore. It was much cheaper than Weber and it has all the features including Stainless burners. People tend to forget about Sears, but my grill is a year old and I love it.

      2. Just a follow up, I bought the one at BJ Wholesale, it is made by PermaSteel, not a company that I have any experience with but I can tell you this, I absolutely LOVE IT !!! They didnt have one that I could purchase already built but this one was rather easy to assembly (a few tricky side burner assembly instructions though) It preheats with the four burners in probably realistically 5 minutes or less, easy clean-up and all the space you need to cook everything, with the key being, even, controllable heat....Also the $9.99 grill cover was a major turn on, with the $9.99 halogen clamp/magnetic grill light to boot !!! WOO HOO...SUMMER I AM READY !!! Actually I grill all year long even in the middle of a NorEaster !!