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May 3, 2007 08:16 AM

Mi Pueblo Food Center, Oakland - NEW anyone check it out?

I read about this place on Yelp. It's in the old Albertson's off International Blvd. Hope others will check it out & report back.

Mi Pueblo Food Center
1630 High St
Oakland CA 94601
Hrs: 6am-10pm

fresh bolillo
Deli Mex-hot food deli
Taqueria in the corner
Tortilleria - for hot fresh tortillas


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  1. We got grilled whole chicken and carnitas there shortly after opening. The chicken was on the dry side but the carnitas were nice and tender, though no crispy bits on the outside.

    1. I finally set foot in there today. The previous time, a coworker picked up the food. I thought the store was very clean & organized and had a great selection of food. The taqueria had excellent al pastor tacos @ $1.25 for the smaller tacos. Super Burritos were $4.50.

      They had fresh chicharon, carnitas, grilled chicken, birria, menudo, etc in the hot food/deli section. Lunch plates were $6.

      They have a fresh salsa bar by the pound, and I was able to sample a sweet salsa with one of their fresh warm tortillas. I like spicier salsas, so I didn't care for this one really. The cold deli had various sausages and cheeses and I noticed head cheese available for sample. I tried it and didn't notice too much flavor to it.

      The carniceria had fresh and marinated meats, I noticed al pastor for $2.99/lb. If it's the same as what the taqueria uses, I might just have to pick it up. I also noticed quail in the poultry section. The seafood section had a nice selection as well, including oysters, mussels, and prawns.

      The produce section was extremely neat and organized. Everything looked fresh and unbruised. The mangoes were huge at $0.89/each.

      The bakery had all sorts of mexican pastries, cakes, and bread. French rolls were $0.20/each. The spice section was filled with all kinds of different chili powder, and dried chilis in bins.

      And this was all just walking the circumference of the store. I didn't get to the aisles!

      1. Nice looking produce at real good prices. One night for dinner, I brought home some carnitas, guacamole, and tortillas - YUM!

        I also bought some Oaxacan cheese because it looked interesting, kind of like string cheese. Made some quesadillas with the cheese and was real happy I gave the cheese a try.

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          cut to the chase!
          what kind of coke do they sell???


        2. I wouldn't shop there for too much. They don't carry 1/2 and 1/2 for example, and for me that's a staple.

          We had really good, spicy and fresh salsa, and I'd buy it again. For a cook-out, I'd buy carne there; I tasted some at a friend's and thought it was pretty good. If you're in the market for napoles, and other Latin American ingredients, check it out.

          Also, there's convenient, ready made stuff like tortas (I had tinga) and liquados that are pretty good.