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May 3, 2007 08:14 AM


Just trying to improve my technique - When adding the rice, Marcella just says stir around a few times to mix in the flavors for a couple of minutes, but I have run across several recipes here in Italy that say to toast the rice for longer (7-10 minutes). until it is almost translucent. Any ideas? I sometimes have chalkiness issues...

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  1. I think I usually toast my rice with the butter/oil and shallots for 3-5 minutes. The explanation I've always heard is to toast until they sound like "glass beads" on the pan, then to add liquid.

    1. I say toast for about five minutes. Make sure it's nicely coated and stir constantly.

      1. The one risotto recipe I used to make also called for a splash of white wine at the beginning, and constant stirring while adding chicken broth.

        1. Lydia Bastianich's recipe for a basic risotto walks you through it all so perfectly. I would try going from there, perhaps a different technique would do the trick. Just a thought...

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            I use Lidia's recipe too and it's perfect.

          2. I normally "toast" my rice for about three minutes. I also add the garlic at this point as i do not want the garlic to burn and it seems to get the correct doneness with this method. Then the white wine and reduce til dry and then the stock adders begin.