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May 3, 2007 07:49 AM

A group of 30 year-olds ISO good drinks, fun atmosphere

As a life-long Manhattanite, you would think I would be able to answer my own question, but I am stumped. I am organizing an early Friday night out for a group of college friends. We are looking for great drinks, maybe appetizers, in a festive, lively atmosphere. As a mentioned, we are all around 30, so not looking for NYU-like scene. Location is not important. Neither is price (within reason). Thanks everyone!

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  1. How about Temple Bar? Or Pegu? Both have some apps. to offer in addition to stellar cocktails. Or are these too reserved for what you have in mind?

    Maybe Employees Only too...

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    1. re: Nehna

      I've been to EO, and found it to be a little on the quiet side for a Friday night with the girls. I'm looking for fun, but not Frat partyish. Thanks for your suggestions!

      1. re: SarahSparkles

        Try Latitude in midtown. I've always had a good time there. L

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          If you are going early Paladar is fun. Good drinks and snacks.

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              It's no Divine Bar, I'll admit, but plenty of us like good food and drinks in a fun place.

      2. Maybe the bar next to Sushi Samba? It's always lively and packed but if you go early you should be able to grab a table. Good drinks lthough I have never had their food. Sugercane- that's the name.

        FYI I had a great grls night out at Alta once. We drank lots of wine though so I can't comment on the cocktail list.

        1. Some options:

          Art Bar
          Kemia Lounge
          Blue Owl

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            These are all great suggestions - enough for many, many nights on the town. Thanks all!

          2. two very different suggestions:
            The Dove on Thompson between bleeker and 3rd. A mellow swanky place with great drink specials before 8. They recently added a small menu, and the cheese plate with almonds and figs is great. (it is my favorite bar).
            I have had really fun GNO nights at Xunta on first ave. The tapas and sangria are all good (if not great) but it is a lively place, and good for a group.