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May 3, 2007 07:37 AM

Sunday Lunch for 30

Any recommendations for a restaurant in Arlington/DC/Alexandria area for lunch for 30 people? They are staying in the Pentagon City area and have a few dietary restrictions thus american food is probably best.

Usually not a problem however there are 4 university graduations at the same time so the choices are limited. Thanks.

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  1. You may consider Overwood Grill in Old Town Alexandria. They have a semi-private room which can hold 40-something guests. It's newly opened, perhaps over a month. I've been twice and food, service and prices are all good. Perfect menu for "American" food.

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    Also, Union St. Public House again in Old Town. They have a private room upstairs.

    1. Thirty people - Yikes! You will most likely need a private room. I'd try Clyde's Mark Center in Alexandria, just off the Seminary Road exit at Beauregard. Great food; I'm sure they can adjust to your restrictions.