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May 3, 2007 07:33 AM

Keep striking out in Bucks County

When we moved to Newtown late last year we were excited by what seemed like the endless restaurant options not only in Newtown but in the surrounding areas. While we've found a number of restaurants we really like, we have not been able to find a decent bar/pub. We would love to find a go-to spot for a burger and some beers, somewhere to go and unwind after a long day. Granted we haven't tried every option there is, but after the third and fourth place we're getting a little discouraged.

So far we've tried Pineville Tavern (I didn't like the burger and the parking lot is always packed with nowhere else to park if it's full), Isaac Newton's in Newtown (the burger had no flavor, although the fries were very good), Porterhouse Pub in Lahaska (the burger was very tasty but the fries were awful and the service was lousy) and a place in a strip mall near Pier One off Eagle Road in Newtown where the burger was decent, the fries lousy (what is up with those "breaded" fries they serve everywhere??) and the service appalling.

Does anyone have any suggestions? At this point we're feeling like our only option is Red Robin (which we love but it has the wrong atmosphere for relaxing, what with the screaming kids).

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  1. I hear you on this. You might want to try the Heart of Oak pub just north of where 413 crosses 263. Good beers on tap, good burgers (and fries!) and a pretty calm atmosphere and no smoking. Also, the Lion's Heart Pub in Washington Xing, which has even better burgers, including a good lamb-burger, and Belgian-style fries. Only quibble with them is the nerve they had to charge a cover ($10) on St. Pat's, even though they're British and not Irish. It's the little things...

    1. Triumph Brewery in New Hope (and Princeton, NJ) has a delish burger and lots of beer options (though i'm not a beer drinker myself). I'm not sure if that's the "little" bar/pub atmosphere that you're looking for but you should definitely try it. Also, try the burgers at "Cheeseburger in Paradise" near Oxford Valley Mall. It may be a chain, but there are definitely fewer screaming kids than at Red Robin and the burgers are good (not to mention the pina colada which is served with the rum poured over it rather than mixed in - mmmm). There's also Continental Tavern in Yardley, PA which has a decent burger and might be more of the small town pub you're looking for. It's a little run down inside, but decent. Let me know if you try any of these places and what you think of them! Good Luck!

      1. Sarah,
        My girlfriend and I were in the same situation, we were looking for a casual place to unwind on our way home from work (NJ to PA). To our surprise, there is a new burger place that opened up on route 202 in Lahaska, PA ( Peddler's Village ). It is called Choppers Burgers. Choppers has a great variety of burgers (my favorite-- Blue Cheese Burger and Chopper Burger) and a great variety of chicken (my favorite-- Capt'n Crunch Chicken strips). The environment is very laid back and casual and the owner is very nice.

        They do not have a liquor license, but I wouldn't rule this place out. With the chopper (bike) theme, nice staff, inexpensive menu, and good food---it serves as a cool place to relax.

        Hope that helps....I believe the website is:

        1. It is very dive-y but I really enjoy AJ's pub in Levittown. Very laid back atmosphere, quite good bar food like burgers. Prices are downright cheap. The best part if they are the official bar for the Bucks County Blues Society. On Thursday nights they host Blue Thursday with some absolutely amazing blues acts that come in from all over the country. It is definitely a fun night.

          1. Sarah, the place you are looking for is Heart of Oak pub which is connected to Baci in Buckingham on rt 413n between rt 263 and rt202. It is about 10 minutes from newtown, was built in the 1700's and has killer beers and burgers. You can also order northern italian food from Baci upstairs. The place has great atmosphere and is a real gem.