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May 3, 2007 07:29 AM

Inexpensive, Fun, Interesting SFV? Have to Avoid nuts!

I just don't know what I want. I can go for ethnic of all sorts, as long as I don't risk nut contamination!

Farmer's Market?

Should I expand my range-go out to Little Ethiopia? Explore Pasadena? Culver City?

I dunno, at a loss!


Dinner or lunch..

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  1. Have you tried Daichan in Studio City? Homestyle Japanese with a healthy emphasis, strange funky decor. Haven't noticed any nuts on the menu. I like the kawachi salmon. It's in the same little plaza as Nozawa.

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    1. re: Debbie W

      Now that you mention it, I've never been in...

    2. I think you should definitely try Ethiopian. Every time I have taken people there they absolutely love it! I prefer Merkato - which will start up a debate, but...

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      1. re: WildSwede

        I meant area range. :) I am an ethiopian eating fiend!

        I prefer Rahel. Merkato is slowest and most indifferent in service, and a salt bomb!

        Rahel is fresh, not too slow (for Ethiopian service) less salty, better tasting, and really nice to customers. Also, BYOB is free!

        1. re: Diana

          Oh! Sorry! ;-) I have not tried Rahels, but out of all the Ethiopian restaurants I have eaten at Merkato is best. I have not noticed it being salty. Will need to try Rahels to compare.

      2. SFV?



        Absolutely, positively the only thing I miss having escaped SoCal...

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        1. re: GroovinGourmet

          You know, I went to Brent's, waited, and waited, ate, and wasn't all that impressed.

          I found the Matzoh ball soup pretty "eh" and the rest of thie dishes similar. Maybe I had the wrong dishes.

          Also, they waitress dropped our bill without asking if we wanted anything els. We felt sort of hustled out the door.

          1. re: Diana

            I love Brents for their pastrami and Ron's Special Brunch. I gotta agree with Diana on their matzoh ball soup--terrible. No flavor.

            1. re: Diana

              that is your classic brents. just dropping the bill at your table as you are eating. it may seem weird at first, but every waitress and waiter does that there. just something to get used to.

              brents is the best deli in l.a. try their sandwiches (turkey, turkey pastrami, roast beef or pastrami are all excellent) next time. their sweet n sour soup is delish and their burgers are actually really good.

          2. Japanese: Shibuya in Calabasas, Brother's Sushi in Woodland Hills
            French: La Frite in Woodland Hills or Sherman Oaks
            Chinese: A&W in Northridge, Mandarin Deli in Northridge for beef noodle soup
            Deli: Weiler's Deli in Woodland Hills
            Chili: Chili My Soul in Encino (pretty neat place), Wendy's (not fun but cheap at $1)

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            1. re: WHills

              I wouldn't call sushi "inexpensive"..

              I like Chili my soul...haven't gone for a while...maybe I should.

              Wendy's is gross

              1. re: WHills

                For chili in the SF Valley, you can't do any better than <a href=";..." target="blank">Chili John's</a>, Burbank's oldest restaurant, which has been at 2018 W Burbank Blvd. (between Buena Vista and Victory) since 1946.