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May 3, 2007 07:29 AM

Downtown St. Louis Eats (on expense account)

Hi all,
I will be staying downtown St. Louis for a week in May 2007. I will be on an expense account. I have a car so travel is not an issue, but it would be nice to walk around downtown. Please recommend at least one 'can't miss' BBQ restaraunt. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Please see topic under St. Louis, and you will find some interesting restaurant outside of donwtown which are loaded with overpriced mediocre food. Your best bet is Tony's bar.

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    1. re: frugalgourmet

      OK. That did not help. Are there any good places to eat in St. Louis? The postings are sparse and quite negative.

      PS - Im from New Orleans, so I am not easily impressed.

      1. re: hodgsond

        There are many great restaurants in St. Louis! I don't know where you are staying downtown, but a few terrific choices are Red Moon (asian fusion) on St. Charles St., and Mosaic (american tapas), just off of Washington Ave. For a more eclectic and trendy vibe, head to Franco, which is next door to the Soulard Farmer's Market. If you would like a cozier, French feel, check out either Pomme (in Clayton on Central) or Chez Leon in the Central West End.

        Sydney Street Cafe in Soulard and King Louie on Chouteau Ave. are both top notch. There are many other restaurants I can recommend...Modesto for truly spanish style tapas, Tratorria Marcella for Italian and Harvest for American cuisine.

        Head over to either American Place or Monarch to max out your expense account. However, I think that the food is inconsistent for the hype. I hope this helps. Have a nice trip.

        1. re: showlett

          Unfortunately, there is no "can't miss" bbq in St. Louis. Your best bet is a 20 minute drive down I-64 to Illinois to O'Fallon, and a place called 17th Street Bar and Grill. The original is in Southern Illinois, and very good.
          I'd say your best bet downtown would be An American Place. If you're disappointed in the food, just look around at the beautiful space it occupies.

        2. re: hodgsond

          Where at in N.O.? If you don't mind advice from a River Parishes boy, go to Sidney Street. Kevin trained under Jamie Shannon at Commander's and his food is consistently great. Ask him for some of the food that might not be on the menu as he routinely has a lot of great items. Check out Balaban's, maybe some of their daily specials will interest you. I'm torn as far as the BBQ suggestion as I think 17th Street is too clean in O'Fallon. I like a little rough around the edges...Smokie O's for Snoots and it's close to downtown. Smokin' Al's has good burnt ends, but it's nothing like some smoked boudin. Are you willing to bring any up here as it can't be shipped across state lines?