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May 3, 2007 07:29 AM

Orlando - Non Chain Italian Restaurant

Has anyone been to a great Italian Restaurant in the Disney area that's NOT a chain?

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  1. not really in the disney area per se, but Bergamo's at the Mercado (Int'l Drive) is pretty good. opera singers added for a fun atmosphere. i also like Pepino's in Oviedo and Il Pescatore at Colonial and Bumby.

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      Bergamo's just moved to Festival Bay further north of International Drive.

    2. Have not been to either, but people I trust on this board have mentioned Primo at the JW Marriott and Ristorante Tuscany in the Orlando World Center Marriott (the big one near the parks).

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        Palma Maria in Casselberry is good, my fav is the Lasagna ,and they also serve a better salad than most places.

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          I have to point out that the former operators of Ristorante Tuscany, who own Antica Posta in Atlanta, are no longer affiliated with the restaurant. It is now operated by the Marriott Orlando World Center.
          To my knowledge the quality of the food and service has not slipped to any degree, but I think that caveat is important.

          I've heard good things about Saucy Bella on Sand Laake -- but don't think it fits into the :great Italian" category.
          Christini's on Sand Lake, although quite expensive and a bit overdone, offers fine, old-fashioned Italian dining.
          I like Chatham's Place there also, although it is more Mediterranean than Italian.

          That, and the other reccs, pretty well cover that end of town for upscale Italian


        2. Okay, this one is a chain... but you would never know it from eating there! Carmela's of Brooklyn on Kirkman is actually owned by the Sbarro chain but I didn't find that out until after I ate there. I really thought it was a great mom-and-pop Italian restaurant and I would highly recommend it.

          1. Not sure where to go near Disney, but just outside downtown Orlando, on Primrose (just south of Colonial) is Il Pescatore. The BEST Italian food in Orlando, period.

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              If you stretch a point and include Winter Springs as Orlando, Stefano's is the original owner of Il Pescatore's new place -- fabulous. Giancarlo's, also in Winter Springs, is also quite good.


            2. My favorite is Terra Mia in Longwood, just a few miles north of Orlando, just west of I-4 on 434.