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May 3, 2007 07:07 AM

Palm Springs Area - Best Sunday Brunch

I've searched the board, but can't find any recent recommendations for good spots for Sunday brunch in P.S. or the surrounding area.

I imagine that there must be some pretty nice spreads at some of the large resorts - does anyone have any good recs to share? Staying in downtown P.S., but not afraid of driving (if there's something worth driving to).

Thanks in advance.

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  1. copley's on palm canyon
    jw marriott palm desert (huge brunch buffet)

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      Is Copley's an "off the menu" brunch of buffet? I used to live in Palm Springs for 20+ years but in the five years I've been gone there have been SO many new places that have sprouted up. Lots of the old standbys like the Marriott Desert Springs are so flippin' expensive. What is the range at Copley's? Any ideas? There isn't a menu on their site.

    2. This conversation just came up yesterday at work. A reliable coworker and foodie stated how wonderful the brunch is at the La Quinta Resort. Extensive selection with seafood, etc and a whole room devoted just to desserts. According to her, the presentation was outstanding. She said it was pricey but well worth it. Let me know if you try and what your impressions were.

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        The La Quinta Resort is way over priced.
        If staying in PS, go to Copley's

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          What can you tell me about Copley's in Palm Springs?

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          The restaurants at La Quinta Resort are typical high end Hilton. It all sounds and looks better than it tastes. Next time I stay there I'm going to resort to the nearby Trader Joe's. The salad I had at their spa restaurant was pretty much the same as one of TJs made to go salads, and not as fresh. Not worth the drive from PS.

        3. Norma's at Le Parker Meridian has a very good breakfast...

          1. Copleys on Palm Canyon has a nice brunch and a beautiful outdoor seating area. Norma's at the Parker does a nice brunch as well - portions are huge. For buffet style the Desert Springs Marriott is nice.

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              Hi there,

              Any new places worth doing for brunch in the La Quinta area? ~ Michele

            2. My traveling companions enjoy buffet brunches, so we went to the Marriott Desert Springs Resort yesterday. The Sunday brunch takes place at the Lakeview restaurant. It costs $39 per person and includes champagne, orange juice, coffee, and other beverages (non-alcoholic). The food was quite good - shrimp, crab legs, roast beef, sushi, pasta station, omelet station and a myriad of other breakfast/lunch choices. The selection of desserts blows away anything I've ever seen before - both in quantity and presentation. The service was friendly and attentive.

              My only complaint about the place is the background music. Some new age guitar crap with one song (consisting of only 4 audible notes) on repeat for the entire visit. The waitress says its the same every day.

              Thanks for all of the suggestions. The non-buffet brunches at Copley's and Spencer's look good, too. Hope to try those on another visit.