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May 3, 2007 06:59 AM

looking for the $20 meal...

New in town and quickly going broke paying for "meh" food in the Yonge/Eglinton area, I'm begging for recs for places to get tasty (not fancy at this price point, obviously) lunches for 2. Please don't restrict the area too much, as I have a TTC pass and I'm not afraid to use it.
Thanks all!

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  1. Little India is one spot you could get lunch for two for $20. They have a lunch buffet for $8.95 per person. It is great Indian food. They are on Queen Street just west of University (you said you could travel!!).

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      There's another Little India in Toronto's east end, which runs along Gerrard Street for a few blocks west of Coxwell Avenue. Your best transportation there is the Bloor subway east to Coxwell and transfer a bus south to Gerrard. All sorts of excellent luncheon choices. "Pescatarian" suggested one on March 17 in another Chowhound thread: "We had lunch at Lahore Tikka House. Food has good depth and enjoyed it. My friend and I shared the 'combo for $9 where you get 4 vegetarian choices', plus we had the muttar paneer. The only thing I would say is the muttar paneer was slight on the paneer. Enjoyed it though and was amused by the decor. Service was very friendly. Also had their mango drink which was good." And others have mentioned Little Iindia East restaurants with excellent buffets.

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        lahore tikka house has gotten a lot of rave reviews.. but perhaps i just dont' get the pakistani thing. found it rather mute in flavouring and oddly heavy in ginger (??). it was alright and the atmosphere entertaining but not much really drives me to go back.

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          Add me to the sceptics list too. Found the spicing boring and the food expensive for what you get.

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        Or there's always Chef of India right at Y&E. They have a lunch buffet I travel TO, not away from.

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          I will give Chef of India a second vote. Lunch buffet is $10 and worth it for the butter chicken alone.
          I will also throw out the Granite Brewery, eaten there a couple of times and the food was excellent nothing fancy but good. Plus they brew thier own beer. Corner of Eglinton and Mount Pleasant.
          I would avoid Mr. Greek, probably one of the most tasteless meals I have ever eaten. It was just blah.

          I am a fan the the Firkin, I think it is mainly the atmosphere that I like. But the food is reasonably priced and always taste good.

      3. How about a $2 meal? see this thread about "Gale's snack bar".

        If you are feeling adventurous and want to try it, take the subway to Queen station, then get on the Eastbound Street car, get off at Carlaw and walk south.

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          yonge and eg? go to tabule for lunch- they do take out as well.

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            yummis is also decent--its yonge and broadway I think...pretty decent schwarma and falafel--they always have great looking women working as well (it's true!)

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              Also in the area at the desired price range: Cha Liu for dim sum; the two Indian buffets on Eg (one just east, one just west, both on the north side), and the little Japanese place just west of Yonge. If you can walk a bit and don't mind casual, Pasitissima (Yonge and Sheldrake) does cheap pasta dishes and sandwiches with a few tables in and out.

        2. A little east of you, at Eglinton and Mt. Pleasant (5 min. walk), is Imbiss and a Churrasco chicken resto. Both are supposed to be good. Also a couple of family-run places--Mimi's and Joanne's Deli are lunch spots on the north side of Eglinton between Yonge and Mt. Pleasant. You'll also pass Mr. Greek on the way, if you're up for that. More spots south on Mt. Pleasant, too.

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            Also, Hannah's Kitchen (pretty sure that's the name), south of eg &Yonge is supposed to do decent lunch fare-

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              Hannah's Kitchen is great for soups, salads, sandwiches, and will have a couple of daily specials. Not open for dinner I don't think. I would also second the reccomendations for Cha Liu, and the schwarmas from tabule and yummis, if you are looking for $20 for 2 the entrees might be a stretch.

              Other options in the area would be:
              Echo - for lower priced but decent sushi, yonge 3 blocks south of Eg
              Maroli - a hole in the wall in a strip mall S/E of yonge and Davisville with great cheap Indian take-out
              Grano - we'll get a five appetizer combo (there are a bunch of cold antipasti type things to choose from) for take out and make a meal for two out of it
              Roti from the little take-out place at the south end of the 3rd floor of 2180 yonge (canadian tire building) - used to be a standard office lunch place but was taken over by a Trini family

          2. take the eglington bus west to Jerusalem. Lunch plates between $6-11. yummers!

            1. I've had some pretty good food at Midtown Grill (formerly Summit House). Good comfort foods at reasonable prices and efficient and friendly service. Great patio out back as well.