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Help in Broomfield, CO

I know this is specific, but I'm being sent on a rush three-day food show to Broomfield, CO. haven't even picked up maps yet(feh on mapquest), so i can't even say what it's near, except it's outside of Denver.
"Great", you may say, "lots of fab restaurants in Denver. just check the boards!"
Woe is me, hounds, these shows are all-out sprints to the finish, and I'm usually too exhausted and numb to go as far as the next city...Plus, too brain dead to actually be on the road after a cocktail or two...

Is there anything in Broomfield? Help a gal get a meal.....

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  1. You are sort of in a culinary limbo in Broomfield but all is not lost. However, you're going to find mostly chains & franchises. In the Flatirons Mall (yes, a shopping mall) there is Bloom which is part of an upscale chain but usually excellent. Also in Flatirons is Gordon Biersch, if you like beer. The food is decent, too. On Hwy 287 going south from Hwy 36 you'll find KC's BBQ which is nowhere near as good as Austin BBQ but it's still pretty tasty. Good smoked meats. Along Hwy 287 going north, you'll find a variety of small Chinese and Mexican places, most of the names elude me, but I'll sometimes stop in for lunch. No real standouts, but they won't kill you. I have heard good things about the Chef at the Renaissance Hotel but have not tried the restaurant personally. The excellent young chef at the omni recently left and is now holding down the kitchen at Restaurant 5280 in Boulder.

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      I've heard good stuff about the Mexican in the Denver area, so this is heartening. I could take a chance on one of those..And yes, i could deal with Gordon Biersch if necessary, tho not chowish...Any fishy options at the BBQ places?

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        No fish at KCs but Bloom does a great job with fish. There's a couple of sushi joints in Louisville, close by. I've never been since I'm stuck on Sushi Tora, Sushi Zanmai and Amu in Boulder. Amu, by the way, is a "sashimi bar." Very unique.

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          I thought it was KT's BBQ, or are you talking about someplace else? If so, KT's should be on the list. Good place run by nice people.

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            Good catch! I apologize for my fleeting bout of brain flatulence. It is KT's. You're right. They are nice people and do great Q.

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          The Village Tavern, also at Flatirons, has pretty decent fish as well.

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            I would just point out that Broomfield is pretty spread out and most of the reccomendations above apply if you are near the Flatirons Crossing area.Flatirons is also less then a 15 minute drive from Boulder if that helps. I have had a couple of good meals at Bloom.

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              Ah... I'm staying near the Event Center, if that mean anything....

      2. Original NY Pizzeria in Broomfield is top notch. Now, if you are from an area where topnotch pizza can be found anywhere (ie: East Coast), then this may be nothing special for you. But, if you live in a land of pizza mediocrity (ie: Colorado) then this place is a godsend.

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          Good to know, for an emergency (there are always emergencies involving pizza!), but I am from Boston...;)

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            Meritage at the Omni Hotel is quite good, and I imagine that it will remain so, even w/ a new chef. Also, Broomfieldis roughly halfway between Denver and Boulder, and there have been numerous threads about food in both cities.

            Cheap pho places abound in NW Denver. Try Pecos or Federal, off US 36 SE of Broomfield. Spice China on McCaslin Blvd in Louisville, a very few miles up US 36 (direction Boulder).

        2. I know what you mean about Denver not really being a possibility on these quick trips. I am heading to Broomfield in about 2 weeks for a weeklong training in Louisville. Last year I stayed at the Renaissance Arts in the Flatiron Crossing Mall and ate in the hotel restaurant (fine, but pricey) and at both Gordon Biersch and the Village Tavern at the Mall. Gordon Biersch is definitely mediocre (beer is OK), but I thought the Village Tavern was pretty good. It seemed like there were mostly lots of chains (PF Changs for example).

          I'm told Louisville (about 10 minutes by car) has an old town area with a pub and some decent local Italian places that you might want to try. I'll be trying them this year I think.
          One regional chain that I thought was pretty good and kind of innovative, was Noodles and Company; they serve healthy noodles in a variety of cuisines and also soups and salads. They had a store in Louisville, there may be one in Broomfield also, though I haven't checkec.

          For someone who's not local, I thought Boulder more than a 15 minute drive from Broomfield (closer to a half hour). Did eat at a Mexican place there that seemed fine, but I can't recall the name.

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            Old-town Louisville is cut and quaint. Restaurants there are limited, but at least are not chains (unless you count Pasquini's, a local and very medicore bakery/restaurant/pizza chain). Also less than mediocre is the Blue Parrot, a longtime Americanized Italian eatery that is not worth going to. I haven't been to the Old Louisville In for years, but I think they now serve somewhat yuppified pub food. The Huckleberry, also downtown, is a cutesy restaurant with dining rooms that ramble from building to building. It has a bit of tea-room ambience, but decent mostly American comfort food and reasonable prices. For my money, Spice China on McCaslin is the best in town. As for chainified FlatIrons Crossing and vicinity, don't bother. Same food you can get in scores of other places served in the same settings by the same style of waitrons.

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              I agree with Claire about Pasquini's (mediocre at best) and the Blue Parrot (call 911 in advance.) The Old Louisville Inn is a nice, historic local pub. Food is better than average pub grub. I like mahi mahi sandwich and their buffalo burger. Also downtown and usually overlooked is Tulien which I think is excellent Vietnamese. They also have Chinese on the menu. The Huckleberry is really popular with the over 70 crowd but the food is decent.

            2. As someone who lives there, Broomfield is tough.
              If you like pho, there's Pho Duy at 6600 W 120th Ave., right by a fantastic Asian market.
              If you drive north on 287 into Lafayette, there's a good pizza place at Baseline called Protos. It's thin crust, wood fired pizza.

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                A new outpost of a great little Boulder Thai joint called Khow Thai opened recently at 300 Nickel.

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                  And, Yummy Yummy Thai in Louisville has closed after a pretty short run.

              2. Ahh, so what I did...
                The first night, I made my way over to Flatiron Crossing, not realizing it was HUGE....I actually passed a place in one of the marketplaces called "Something Fish tacos", but I was supposed to be sticking to a diet....Eventually found Bloom's, and it looked great, bu I felt too tired to do justice to a high-end meal, and they didn't seem particularly happy to pay attention to me wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, after setting up my show.

                Went across the street to the Southwestern Grill place, where I saw a Blackened Tuna salad on the menu, which sounded great...Then I saw a blackened tuna fillet, which sounded even better, and there were $3 glasses of wine til 7, for Happy Hour, which sounded better yet...It was the basket of chips where my will power said "sayonara"....Home made, not just tortilla chips, but some flour tortilla chips, with a hint of sweetness, and, here is where it all went to hell, house fried veggie chips mixed in...Tuna wasn't the best grilled piece I've ever had, but pretty decent for the price, and they did cook it rare as I requested.

                On my way back to my hotel, i noticed a Bonefish Grill right across the way. I kicked myself soundly, and resolved to go there the next night...Which I did, after several cocktails after the trade show.

                I believe this is the first Bonefish in CO. Chefs friends of mine from Florida speak well of it, even tho it's a chain. I thought the prices and quality were excellent. I ended up snagging the last seat at the bar, because the place was jammin. Swordfish prices were great, but when I heard the full plate app of sgrilled sashimi tuna was 9 ounces, and $16, that was it. Wine choices were varied, and well-priced. The tuna was great; I'd go to this place all the time if it were in Boston- it had Legal Seafod beat. Way more fun, cheaper, and high quality fish; well prepared. The woman next to me at the bar had their "Mussels Josephine", steamed in wine, butter and marinara, and they were also excellent.

                Next trip; Boulder, I promise....

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                  Thanks for the update, galleygirl! It couldn't have been more timely, as I'm headed to Broomfield tomorrow for a week. Staying at the Omni, and doubt I'll do more than one meal there.

                  Where is the Bonefish Grill? In some part of the Flatiron Mall (I was there last year at the same time so I know it's huge and kind of parcelled out all over the place). I would definitely like to check it out and see if its Clam Chowder soup compares favorably with Legal Seafood (I'm not Boston, but have been to Legal, and have friends who have mail-ordered their chowder they are so addicted).

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                    Bonefish is down at the Church Ranch exit off of Hwy 36 which is a couple of exits east of the Flatirons Mall area.

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                    I didn't check for chowder on the menu; not sure there was any. This wasn't a New England style place, so I don't know that I'd vouch for it. The chain began in Florida, I think, so expect some lighter influensces...Easch location has a different menu; you can see them online...Have fun!

                    Everyone told me to hit Boulder, and sit out at the Pearl Street(I think that was it) Mall...Sounded like a cool part of town...

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                      I have just returned from Broomfield/Louisville. Did not try Bonefish. Friends wanted to try the Blue Parrot (I stayed back at the Omni), they did and did not die. I had the 1/2 Angus Burger at the Omni (their pub, not Meritage their upscale restaurant) done medium rare and it was wonderful though way too big for me to eat by myself. Their fries are pretty good too. Wasn't wild about the steak I had there the first night, though I liked their cornmeal dipped oysters.

                      Had prime rib at the Village Tavern again and it was fine. I really wanted a prime rib and it hit the spot.

                      Most enjoyable experience was the one evening we made it into Boulder and somehow managed to snag a couple couches for the six of us upstairs at The Kitchen. What a neat place, hadn't heard about it. We had a great Pinot (Saintsbury) and sampled most of the dishes onthe upstairs menu (downstairs was an hour and a half wait): flatbread, hanger steak, roast chicken, mussels and the antipasto platter. Everything was yummy and the atmosphere wonderful. I wonder what locals think of this place?

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                        Locals love it, which is one of the reasons there's such a long wait at peak times. It's a rare B,L & D restaurant that's not located in a hotel.