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Restaurants on the South-East Side

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Anyone know of some good places on Oltorf - Riverside area? for the last 9 months, I have lived on E Oltorf, I have found the restaurant selection pretty depressing. I have tried places like Java Noodles, Jerusalem's, Baby A's, Wanfoo, and some Vietnamese's Pho places (there are two on Oltorf).

Overall I have found Wanfoo (Oltorf) to be the greasiest Chinese restaurant around. Although it is tasty, if you eat to much your bound to end up sick... Fried rice is good, you often find surprises and items you didn't order mixed in the the rice. Also the general chicken (which I'm pretty sure is the same as the sesame chicken, minus the sesame seeds) is also fatty and very tasty. If you are looking for a light meal i would not recommend wanfoo.

Baby A's (Riverside) - They pride themselves on their everclear margaritas... Otherwise the food isn't that special and the prices are mediocre.

Java Noodles (Oltorf)- I'm pretty sure this is a Vietnamese place. I had a really good piece of chicken there once. Didn't really enjoy any other dish i have tried since.

Vietnamese Pho Place (Oltorf) - The one next to Jerusalem's is my preference. The pho is great, and you can't really go wrong with any other dish. Try the chicken curry. Most items on the menu are great portions at a good price.

Besides the endless supply of fast food places, are there any other recommendations/favorites people would like to add? On most occasions I am content with just a large. fresh salad! I feel like that is hard to come by around here... Personally, i feel lthat if you are hungry, your best bet migrate over to the west side of 35. regardless of where you are in Austin (the a few exceptions of course).

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  1. Java Noodles- I can reccomend their sate sape manis (beef skewers with a sweet soy sauce), but I have not tried much else.

    Olmecas- has a very large Al Pastor plate for 5.99. The pastor is passable.

    I had a good meal at the 888 vietnamese restaurant next to Wanfu, but I don't recall what exactly I ate.

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    1. Type in MPH and Chowhound on Google.You will have a long afternoon of reading one person's trek through the hinterlands of East Austin and all the wonderful food therein.

      1. I used to frequent Hai Ky (vietnamese...not sure if its the same you're talking about...next door to a laundromat) on Oltorf when I lived South. Their tofu dishes are some of the best I've had in town (i'm a meat eater, but like tofu done well).

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          I had the lemongrass tofu with vermicelli noodles and veggies and it was one of the best tofu dishes I've ever had in Austin (besides tofu hot pot at Pao's). Very lemongrass flavoring- a clean taste if you will. The veggies seemed very fresh, not like a lot of places who serve that cookie cutter-frozen from Sam's crap. I tried to the tofu and veggie flat noodles with "gravy" and it was fresh and delicious. It could have used more of the gravy, but I topped it with sriracha sauce and hoisin (is that the brown stuff in the bottle?). It had tons of fresh cabbage and green onions.

          Had a boba tea for desert- the cafe du monde, condensed milk, cream one and it was a great treat to cool off my tongue from all that hot sauce. My only gripe was that some of the tapioca pearls were hard like rubber balls.

          The staff was super quick and attentive and the place is clean and cute. One dish lasted two big meals for me. $7.00 for a bowl that makes two meals- I'm sold.

        2. I second 888; they have some surprisingly good dishes. I especially enjoy the broad noodle dishes.

          1. Java Noodles is an Indonesian restaurant. Has anyone tried the Filipino deli next door?

            1. Opposite- I used to work for about 15 years near the intersection of Oltorf and Montopolis and can tell you foodwise you are pretty much screwed. In that area the best I found, and that was 7 years ago, was the Mexican place on Burleson RD near McCoys. DR reviewed it one time and I cannot think of the name of it. It is pretty good and pretty consistent. The gal that runs it also runs a BBQ place in that area I have not tried. There is an Asian place over near the hotels south of Burleson facing west on IH 35 that is fairly decent. They have pretty good noodles. Also across IH 35 from you is the China Buffet which was tolerable for that arrangement. Further down Oltorf to the west is a Mexican place that is one of several here in town that has a pretty good reputation. It is west of the high school on the right. (somone help me here with my failing memory). I used to eat at the Luby's several times a week because it was a quick cheap lunch and it is the best Luby's in town,, IMO. The stuff you get actually tastes like food. There is, or used to be , another Mexican place on Oltorf called Jacalitos that gets good reviews but I never did like it. We used to do a lot of lunches there but I stopped by one night and the food was awful. I used to get their soup for lunch and we tagged it "cabbage and bone soup" if you get my drift. Good luck. You know you are not real far from downtown. At times we would scoot over to Moonshine for a decent lunch. J.

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                The mexican restuarant you are probably thinking of just west of I35 on Oltorf is Curra's Grille. There is also one up north on Burnet. It is my favorite mexican restaurant in Austin. Great margaritas but the food is wonderful. I'm an enchiladas freak but everything I've had on their menu is a good choice.