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May 3, 2007 06:12 AM

Anyone Been to Felidia Recently?

Going there Sunday for my birthday dinner. Noticed they finally changed their online menu - lots of new things have shown up. We've never been there before, were given a $100 gift certificate which will be quite helpful towards our meal since we intend to try a lot on the menu :-)

Just curious how it is these days. I know it gets mixed reviews (but I am a fan of hers, so I probably won't be disappointed regardless).


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  1. we celebrated my wife's birthday there in october. food and service were excellent. the wine list deserves special mention. you'll have a great time.

    1. Jfood first went to Felidias in 1984 as a puppy. Fell in love with the place and the food was inspirational to jfood's love of Italian. Went last October for a dinner and was not overwhelmed. The anticipation and the memories definitely took a toll on jfood's expectations and others at the table still rave about the meal. So to enjoy it the most jfood recommends not thinking it will be nirvana and anticipate some really good food and some excellent service.

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        Does Jfood always speak in the 3rd person :-)

        Luckily, I don't expect Nirvana at all. I'm expecting good Italian, elevated from my what my Sicilian MIL cooks at home. Actually when my husband made the suggestion, I kind of hesitated at first. But I figured we have to use that certificate eventually, so what the heck.

        1. re: sivyaleah

          I would love to hear a recent review from you when you finally go. I haven't eaten there in 12+ years and it used to be the paragon of Italian food for me, before I could even tell you definitively what a paragon was. Haha. I'm a fan of hers also, her cookbooks are among my favorites, and she has one of the last watchable cooking programs on television!

          1. re: ballulah

            You can be sure I'll post it. One of the reasons I hesitated was more because we have to drive out from NJ (NOT that that should stop us). Both my husband and I are fans of her show - it's the only cooking program he'll actually sit down and watch with me. It's also my most used of cookbooks. Everytime I make something from them, they turn out perfect and my husband's family (Sicilian background, as I mentioned) raves about all of it. Last thing I tried were her ricotta gnocchi. Wow, really wonderful.

            Anyway, we're going Sunday so hopefully you'll see the review Monday :-) unless something stops us from going - but that's pretty doubtful at this point.