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May 3, 2007 05:33 AM

Best Thin pizza near O'Hare after midnight

Here's the situation;

We fly into OHare tonight at midnight. I don't want to wait until Friday to start experiencing the food of Chicago, as we're only in for the weekend. Where can I go after midnight on a Thursday night for the best thin pizza? We are staying in Oak Brook, but as long as it's close to O'Hare...We're in!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm leaving my computer behind and only have 4 more hours!

    If you are waiting to answer, please throw it up now. It's 8:19am in San Clemente right now. In case you were wondering...the water is 58 degrees and the waves are 2-3' and clean!

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    1. re: Cali Boy

      Did you check out the recent O'Hare dining thread?

      9415 W. Higgins Rd.
      Rosemont 60018

      Closes at 1am

      The Original Gino's East of Chicago
      8725 W. Higgins Rd.

      Closes at midnight.

      Thin crust is my favorite but that's not the typical "Chicago" pizza tradition. If you want that, then you need to get the pan at Gino's and the stuffed at Giordano's. Note that both take at least 30-40 minutes. You may want to look up the menus and order ahead.

      Coming in to a good weekend weather wise!

      1. re: lbs

        Tonight is a Thursday night. According to Metromix, that Giordano's location is only open till 11, and Gino's East till 10. They are open later on Friday and Saturday nights (Giordano's till 1, Gino's till 12 and 11). Sorry...

        1. re: nsxtasy

          Yep - my bad!! And I was referring to the metromix site!