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May 3, 2007 04:25 AM


I love Guss and the pickle guys, but can't always make it to that part of town.Anybody know somewhere to get a good full sour on the upper west side?

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  1. Actually, in any supermarket in the refridgerator section is a jar of pickles called Ba-Tampte. Their garlic dills and half sours are amazing.

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    1. re: princeofpork

      Agree. Ever since Just Pickles closed I've been living off of Ba-Tampe pickles.

      1. re: princeofpork

        But note that depending on how long they are in the jar, the ones marked Half-Sours may actually be bright green New pickles.

        1. re: bobjbkln

          thanks for the info, and although the ba-tampte are good it's not a pickle that ranks with gus or pickile guys. I guess I need a trip downtown