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May 3, 2007 03:19 AM

Paris Markets/Whats in Season in May?

I am going to be in Paris from mid day on a sunday untill the next Tuesday afternoon. Does anyone have some excellent food markets to hit? Also what seasonal delights to look for in May?
The last time I was in paris was January and the Oysters were unbelievable!

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  1. This link will show you all the Paris markets sorted either by district (arrondissement) or by specialty, the days+hours they're on and their metro stops.

    As for oysters, in general, they should be avoided in the months without an 'r' in it, i.e. in the warmer months. In fact, you won't see them in front of all the larger brasseries and at markets, you did in January.

    Other than that, go for the white asparagus, the strawberries, all sorts of salads, vegertables, etc.

    For two days, did you rent an apartment with cooking facilities or are the markets just for the pleasure?

    PS: You will find lots of open markets closed on Mondays though.

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      thanks for the Link Dodo.
      The markets are mostly just for the fun of it. But I will be staying with a friend who lives in the Jewish Quarter near Oberkampf. He has an apartment, and I may cook for him and his girlfriend.

      1. re: gastrognome

        The little alpine strawberries are the best.
        By the way, you'll be near an amazing bakery-La Bague de Kenza-one of the most beautiful shops I've seen: