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May 2, 2007 11:54 PM

BackYard Burgers - Gainesville

I was in Gainesville this past weekend and a buddy introduced me to Backyard Burger. For a burger chain, I liked what they had to offer. I believe the meat is Black Angus beef but they are a bit pricey, right around the $3 mark if not more. My buddy was treating so I don't recall the exact price. My buddy ordered a couple extra to go so he could take some home to Tampa to give to his girlfriend.

Looking at their website, looks like they are in the Orlando area as well, I hope that they come to Tampa at some point.

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  1. This chain,seems heavily dependent on how well each franchise is run, i used to stop at one in Olive Branch, Ms. ,and it was absolutely killer,everything on the menu was really good,however the two i have been to here in the Orlando/Altamonte area leave me wanting.

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      Agreed. We had one in the Houston area and it was awful - the burgers were overcharred to the point of being hockey pucks, and everything else was Sysco Central. No wonder it closed within a year (being next door to Culver's didn't help matters, either).

      Of course, that location then became a godawful Raising Cane's, but that's another Chains thread!

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        in my experience there are only 2 burger chains that could make it next to a culvers,in -n -out,and Farmerboys....sadly we have none of them in Fl, but i am moving to Houston this fall,so i am looking foreward to a Butterburger,and a large Butterscotch shake. As for the Raising Cane's...never heard of 'm what is it?

    2. While returning from a trip to Ala via US 19 my son a UF student said he wanted to stop at a Backyard burger for luhch. I must say I was not impressed. Angus or not the burger was a disappointment. I have not eaten at a fast food joint in years but I think I would have enjoyed a Checkers burger more and saved $2

      1. We had two in Tallahassee. One is still open and the line is really long at lunch and the other (next to campus) was out of business in a year. I think it really depends on management. Funny as this sounds the hawaiian chicken sandwich is my favorite thing there.

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            Or better yet a Super Sonic @ Sonic