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May 2, 2007 11:53 PM

**HELP** How long does fish keep.....

Completely forgot about the Dover Sole I bought YESTERDAY for dinner tonight. Still sittin in the fridge. At what point ( days in the fridge) do you throw it out?

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  1. Dover Sole is pretty fragile stuff, so I'd only give it about 2 days total in the fridge. If you store fresh fish on fresh ice in something the allows the water to drain away as the ice melts, you can get several days from firm fleshed fish. Ultimately, I try to use my seafood within about 2 days at most, just to be safe. So, if you bought it yesterday, i'd give it a whirl for dinner tonight. (Or tomorrow night, as the case may be at this late time.)

      1. cook it asap- if it is still good - also you don't know how old it was when you bought it--

        ANY fish that has the beginning (or a strong) whiff of ammonia has gone off-- don't even try to cook it, throw it out. always smell fish before you buy to make sure there is no trace of this odor.

        ccweb's ice storage suggestion is a good one that will help you keep fish longer in future.

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          Another storage suggestion (along the lines of ccbweb's), if you have a gel ice pack handy use that in place of fresh ice. It will save you some fridge space, and you won't have to worry about drainage (drainage of ice is VERY important as water, ironically enough, will destroy your fish).

          Adding on to soupkitten's comment about smelling your fish: if you have had fish in your fridge for a day or two after bringing it home, and it is still wrapped from the store let it sit unwrapped for a couple of minutes before giving it the smell test. If they are using standard butcher paper to wrap it, it has a tendency to make the fish smell a bit strange for the first couple of minutes of unwrapping. Though it is nothing like the ammonia smell of fish truly going off.

        2. Two factors, how old was it when bought and how long have you owned.

          Jfood will cook the fish that night or the following. It is rare that the fish will remain in the fridge for two nights. Dover is pretty delicate so jfood would say tonight or out and you will probably see a bit of quality degradation. Too bad because giventhe price, you want to fully enjoy Dover.

          1. There's a saying: "Fish and guests stink after three days." Even if you can't eat it tonight, you should cook it -- the cooked fish will last for a couple more days and using it as "leftovers" is better than throwing it out.