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lunch breaks in Dumbo?

hey chowhounds!
i started working in Dumbo a couple months ago and have been stuck eating the same old sushi, sandwiches and salads. i have to say, i know a lot about dumbo's former nightlife, but this daytime thing has confounded me.

anything will do....delivery from nearby areas, hole in the walls, etc.

please help!


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  1. Go to Pedros! Its the little hole in the wall rice and beans place on Jay St. Its been there forever, totally no frills, but its completely great. And its one of those places that you just know is going to be razed for condo development within the next few years, so you may as well go while you can!

    1. I'll second Pedro's--excellent food, great people, better than anything I've eaten for lunch in Dumbo. The only other place I regularly visited and enjoyed while working in that neighborhood was (totally opposite end of the spectrum) Almondine across the street from Jacques Torres (sorry, I can't remember the name of the street).

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        or you could just, um, go to jacques torres. every day. i know i would!

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            rice! i know there are a couple rice outposts in manhattan as well, but i always find them generally delicious, and a real step up from similarly inexpensive asian takeouts.
            also, i have a friend who swears by front street pizza.

        1. What about Almondine? Never been myself, but I hear good things about it.

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            Front St Pizza has excellent lunch specials that vary each day. Try the Chicken Francese over rice on Fridays or the Chicken and peppers on Wednesday, I think. $5.95. Unfortunately, their pizza pales in comparison to Frascati on Henry St in the Heights.

          2. Ferrignos Butcher shop has sandwiches on Jay St., Foragers on Front St. has a salad bar and some premade sandwiches, and you can get deliveries from Brooklyn Heights - Montys - for a salad, Frascatis Pizza and Iron Chef. I also recommend Pedros - mentioned by others, you can eat at Superfine - they have a decent chicken sandwich, and I assume you know about Grimaldi's pizza. when the weather's nice, if you have a little extra time (or even a bike) - walk or bike across the Manhattan Bridge (it's about a mile) and you're right in Chinatown. you can pick up some food to go at least and then come back over the bridge.

            1. reBar at 147 Front Street, Mezzanine Level, has now opened the bar for lunch. The menu is at www.rebarnyc.com. They've got sandwiches, salads, chips and guac (yum), ceviche, gazpacho, cheese plates and meet plates. Plus, the bar is amazing. TimeOut NY's 2007 New Bar of the Year.


              1. Pedros' as #1 for fast, cheap and good food.
                Almondine has great sandwiches that you can take and eat in the park near the water
                Rice is decent, panasian style food with lunch specials
                Art Bar Cafe on Front near Pea & Pickles has good sandwiches as well
                Someone mentioned Chinatown which is a great idea - only one stop away on the F train

                NEVER go to Forager's - overpriced and they try to sell overaged food...

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                  Almondine - for their soups (outstanding) and quiches... Miso sushi is mediocre, but I end up there almost once a week out of desperation. Desperate for some more options in Dumbo..maybe after all of the yuppieminium's are built, some more options will follow.

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                    I think you might be hasty on the Forager's front. Yes, it's true, the cheese can be past it's day. But all in all they have good stuff, in particular fruit, and if one is a true chowhound freshness can be sniffed out. When they have such things they do have excellent charcuterie.