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May 2, 2007 09:35 PM

Vegas dining challenge

Hi- I am looking for a good restaurant suggestion on the strip, but here is the catch: for one reason or another the group does not want French, Italian, or a Steakhouse. Budget is around $100 per person.


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  1. Hi, How about Bradley Ogden? I have eaten at Lark Creek Inn, and looooved it. Haven't tried this venue, but it's bound to be excellent...

    1. Try Red8 at the Wynn. The food is fantastic, and influenced by many different types of asian cuisine. Or you could always have sushi at places like Shibuya or Nobu. Burgers at the Burger Bar are another good option, and it more that fits in your budget.

      1. With that kind of a budget and those restrictions, I'd go for Nobhill, Michael Mina, or Bradley Ogden ... in that order. Nobhill at the MGM is a great restaurant with fantastic menu items that are fabulous. Michael Mina is a top-notch seafood restaurant that offers more for the land-lubber as well. Bradley Ogden is, well, Bradley Ogden. You might stretch to get out of there at $100 per person if you are firing on wine ( to be fair, all the recommendations are this way). The food is expensive but worth it. You can't go wrong is any of these suggestions.

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          lvmanager has some great suggestions.....all three are fabulous!
          I am going to add one more to the list....DB Brasserie @ the Wynn. If you can be seated by 7pm they offer a 3 course prixe fixe menu which can't be beat...$48
          They offer some of the Brasserie's signature items .
          Paired w/ wine and tip you should be under $100 pp and have a few $$$ left for the slots after!

        2. I will toss in Sensi at Bellagio. Asian fusion that totally works, in a stunning space.

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            What works the best at Sensi? I have a reservation there with some clients next week and know nothing about it.