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May 2, 2007 09:32 PM

Good eats in Kennebunkport area?

Will be spending the weekend in the Kennebunkport area. Are there any places for good, reasonably priced lunch, bakery, deli? Has anyone tried Bartley's? Thanks.

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  1. This will get you started. There is a search function for your convenience.

    1. Thanks, I already searched and found those posts. I was wondering if there was any more up-to-date info or differing suggestions or opinions.

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      1. re: kathy77

        Nothing really changed. The link provided was from October. Come Labor Day, most of Maine rolls up the sidewalks. Kennebunkport is no different.

        For a reasonably priced lunch - any of Arundal Warf, Allison's, Federal Jacks, Bartley's or the "clam shack" on the bridge/Bartley's parking lot would work.

        For high $ either White Barn Inn or Hurricanes.

        Be aware that lobster is really expensive right now, last I priced it (2 weeks ago) it was over $12/lb. A one pound lobster dinner is going for $35+ at places like Allison's.

        1. re: humin

          I have to disagree strongly with the inclusion of Federal Jack's. Bad experience there re food, service and general ambiance. Others may differ but I will not bother with a second chance.

        2. re: kathy77

          I *just* heard about a place called Bandaloop Restaurant in Kennebunkport (, that it must be checked out. Maybe if you are feeling adventurous you would want to eat there.

        3. Hurricanes has decent food, as well as a good beer list. Nice atmosphere--lots of dark wood, and great views of the water.

          Maine Diner in Wells (right at the Kennebunk border) is pretty good, though I've been to better diners in New England.

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          1. re: hiddenboston

            Hurricane is good- nice oysters on the half shell but the best dish there is the baked stuffed lobster. It used to be around $40 so I would hate to see what the price is now with the shortage of lobsters.

          2. If you want to drive 20 minutes into Ogunquit MC Perkins Cove is great. We had dinner there last night and between the food and the view (right on the water) you can't go wrong. The cockles appetizer and the Kobe beef burger were delicious. They have a very interesting menu.

            1. Try The Landing Store (Kennebunkport rte 35) for fresh muffins (huge) and excellent lobster rolls (huge too). In Wells, you might want to try my beloved Marcia's Cantina for Mexican or The Steakhouse, if you're into beef.