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May 2, 2007 07:49 PM

LA Mill & Groundwork Coffee Beans

I want to buy coffee beans from these two companies, but there are so many choices. Do you have any favorite beans or blends from either LA Mill or Groundwork Coffee? I would love to hear recommendations (for drip). Thanks.

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  1. LA MIL (Greenwell Estate) Kona Extra Fancy.

    1. I like several different types of coffee from la mill. I like their rich and very bold Black Onyx, when I am in the mood for something powerful. When I want a more everyday coffee, I go for the columbian Reserva del patron. Really you can't go wrong. Their coffee is very fresh. Usually, I drink espresso so I go for their LA Mill espresso. It has beautiful crema.

      I recommend going to their monthly tastings.They give you a tour of their facility and explain how to make a good cup of coffee. Sign up on their website to be on their mailing list. They have them on Fridays.

      1. Thanks for your recommendations, and I will look into their monthly tastings.