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May 2, 2007 06:31 PM

Reims Lunch

We will be in Reims in Sept. for private tours of R H Mumm and Tattinger. Would appreciate suggestions for lunch. Not real expensive or inexpensive. Probably the middle of the price range. We have about a 2 hour time frame for lunch.

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  1. I'm from the US but currently living in Reims. Here is a good list for you and a link to my blog where I write about food around here:

    Grand Cerf- Dying to go here. 33 Euro for a 3 course menu during the week! Looks so beautiful. It’s outside Reims in the country (on the way to Eparnay) so you need a car to get here.

    Le Millénaire – In Reims, 1 Michelin Star
    Le Foch- In Reims, 1 Michelin Star
    Les Crayeres- The Jardin has the most beautiful patio seating in the summer. Ahhh also go to the expensive brasserie for a drink because its soo cute in their and so French.

    Less Expensive Options:
    Le Petite Comptoir
    Sushi Shop-really good sushi, try the tulip avocado tartare of saumon and try the fois gras roll!
    Version Original. stunning inside. Just discovered this but looks soo great. 15 euro for a salad so a little pricey

    Anywhere on Rue des halles or outside in Place de Forum (Edgar Bistroe) on Rue Colbert or anywhere in Place de Forum there is outside sitting which is super cute

    * If you can, stay away from eating on Place d’Erlon (just kind of generic, not good French food..)!!

    Hope that helps!

    1. I fell in love with La Table Anna when we visited Reims a couple of years ago. We had an awesome lunch there, and it wasn't incredibly expensive. Very cute place, too. There are some photos of the food and the restaurant in my blog.