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New Brunch Spots!

I know all the standard Boston brunch spots - 647, Aquitaine, Sonsie, Henrietta's...etc. We see this in every brunch thread!

Does anyone know of something new? A few friends for Saturaday, just want to go outside the Boston brunch box!

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  1. A friend of mine said she had brunch at Brasserie Jo last weekend and really liked it. The brunch at Union is pretty good too.

    1. I would second the Union recommendation. I also really enjoyed Toro. And Eastern Standard is great, especially if you can sit outside (they have terrific heat lamps if its a little chilly).

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        Plus Union has some Sat. brunch deal, can't remember exactly what it is. I've mentioned the Paparazzi brunch which is pretty good and comes w/ a mimosa or bellini. Not positive it's served on Sat.

      2. Imperial in Chinatown (just next to the Chinatown Gates) has been serving dim sum for a while, but the reports a far and few in between. Definitely qualifies as being outside the usual brunch box.

        1. I'd consider Tu y Yo, outside of Davis Square in Somerville. They do a southern Mexican brunch, consisting almost exclusively savory items, with various interesting and complex sauces.

          If you haven't tried the Blue Room's brunch, it's worth checking out. It's a buffet, but the quality is, well, Blue Room quality. Additionally, now that the good weather is finally here, their sunken patio is just terrific.

          1. If you want to venture to Union Sq in Somerville, my vote is for The Neighborhood. It is a small place with very few tables, but the food can't be beat. The prices are extremely reasonable, and the portions are well worth the cost. It is the kind of place that always has a line outside, so make sure to keep that in mind if you check it out!

            1. Try an Irish Breakfast at the Druid

              1. I really enjoyed Toro and the Flour Bakery. Ate at both recently.

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                  We have decided to stay in Cambridge...any other recs besides the above Somervilles?

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                    We had a very good brunch at Big City in Allston. We were actually pretty surprised, and had only gone because our son encouraged us to go. The complimentary pastry basket upon arrival was nothing special. The rest of the food was very fresh and tasty. Yummy breakfast stromboli, very generous serving of homemade corned beef hash, decent homefries, complimentary bloody mary or mimosa, under ten dollars for the entrees. Service wasn't great, though, (opened about a half-hour late as well) and the atmosphere is sort of bar/club-like, with a pool table, etc. We'll definitely go back, but probably not that close to opening time (ten o'clock)

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                      Haven't eaten at the "new" Plough but have heard the food is really good. We've only been in to hear music at the tail end of brunch on Saturdays and there seem to be lots of happy customers and empty plates on the tables.

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                        I'm a regular at the Plough brunch. It's terrific. I'm a big fan of the pork hash but the fried chicken looks pretty awesome. Special omelet is also a solid choice.

                  2. If you want an amazing brunch with all the ambiance and foodie quality of Boston, but for less than $10 a plate and no crazy lines, then simply hop on the Orange Line T to Malden Center Station (or drive 20 minutes in your car) to Exchange St. Bistro in Malden.

                    I LOOOOVVVEEE this place and go around every other weekend for brunch. I never have to wait in line, the ambiance is trendy / beautiful (you'd never know you were in Malden) and the food is terrific. Yesterday, my mother and I went and I got the new "Stuffed French Toast with peaches, blueberry compo and mascarpone cheese...$9". The blueberries were the rare-sweet little Maine one, the peaches were perfectly roasted and carmalized, and the whole thing was a warm gooey sweet tower of sinful indulgence!! If you like savory, my favorite dish is "Smoked Salmon and Poached Eggs over an English muffin, with avocado and hollandaise sauce...$10"....the eggs are always perfectly done and the flavor combination is delicious.

                    Now I drive by Jonny D and all those other brunch places in Davis with people waiting 30 minutes to be rushed through their meal for 20% more $$$ for the same if not lower quality food and just chuckle :)


                    1. This is way downmarket from the others you mention, but I wanted to put in a plug for Toscanini's (Main St. branch) excellent new brunch, which they call "Breakfast at the Big Table". It's Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am. They have a small continental breakfast table out with Petsi Pies pastries and amazing (even in the winter!) fruit salad, which appears to be tossed with a little bit of mint and perhaps honey. Delicious. They also have food to order, terrific breakfast sandwiches and eggs as well as pancakes etc. Add some of the best coffee in town and ice cream after brunch and it's a big winner. Again, the ambiance is downmarket, but the chow is on point.